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14 Year Old Develops Top iPhone App; Dethrones Angry Birds

Angry Birds took the top spot this year on the iTunes app chart (see entire list) but this past week a new game de-throned it. The game to take the top honors is called Bubble Ball which was created by Nay Games. Nay Games is run by a 14 year old teen Robert Nay from Spanish Fork, Utah. That’s right, this young CEO has the top game out there. He expects to build more games in which he charges a nominal fee.

Download Bubble Ball on iTunesBubble Ball - Nay Games

Nay Games got some great coverage this past week on ABC news in the video below.

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7 Responses to “14 Year Old Develops Top iPhone App; Dethrones Angry Birds”



    Too bad he didn't charge $.99 or $1.00 for the app. He would be a very young millionaire. I believe he's starting his own company. I think it's great that teens are creating apps and taking the initiative to do something that can make them very successful in life. Kudos to Robert!


    AC Slater

    @Rebecca: Had he charged $0.99 or $1.00 for the app, then only a handful of people would have downloaded :(



    if i don't take into account the fact that this game was done by a 14 years old,.. meh. then again, tumblr and wordpress were also started by teenagers then, so i'm excited to see Nay Games will become.


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