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Verizon Study Identifies Mobile Security Risk to Businesses

A new study from mobile giant Verizon has shown that the phone in your pocket is magnet to hackers and scammers, showing an increase in the number of attacks on mobile devices. We explain why data hacks and security attacks are becoming riskier on mobile devices in the workplace


Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe – Review

Zucked is partly a story of Roger McNamee’s realization of Facebook’s ills, and partly a manifesto for a better internet. The book charts McNamee’s journey from Facebook optimist and investor, to concerned citizen and finally to privacy activist calling for Facebook's ...


How Big Tech Is (and Isn’t) Tackling Anti-Vaxxers

Last week, Facebook announced plans to deprioritize anti-vaccination content on its platform. It's just the latest tech giant to address the misinformation that can spread easily across social networks including YouTube, Amazon, and Pinterest.