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Livefyre Acquires Storify


Livefyre, the real-time conversation and social curation platform that serves over 400 world brands and companies, today announced the acquisition of Storify to enhance their services. Currently, Storify helps over 850,000 marketers and journalists, at the same companies Livefyre reaches, tell stories online via social media content.

Post-acquisition, Storify co-founders Xavier Damman and Burt Herman will be joining the Livefyre team to help integrate seamless drag and drop editorial capabilities. For users already on Storify, things will remain the same as Livefyre continues to operate it independently.

However, over the next few months, Storify will be merged from multiple paid tiers into a singular enterprise offering that will include new features such as user participation tools, story and editor management, and engagement analytics. Existing Business and VIP customers will continue to have access to all the features in their package tier.

“This is the first acquisition for Livefyre, advancing our mission of powering social everywhere,” reads the blog post. “This opens up completely new possibilities for how social content can be integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements, and TV broadcasts.”

It will definitely be worth keeping an eye on Livefyre as they work to provide a central hub for their users to manage both automated and editorial content from the same moderation user interface. Over time, the team will implement a way for users to drag and drop specific tweets and posts into any Livefyre powered live blog, live chat, media wall, or native ad.




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