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US Government Gives Huawei 90 Day License Reprieve

The trade war between China and the US has been heated in recent weeks, with a lot of the repercussions falling on Huawei. Fortunately for them, the US government as provided a 90-day license reprieve to continue to do business with US companies for a limited time.


The Negative Effects of Technology on Our Bodies

The human body is built to endure a lot, but the negative effects of technology could be too much for some unhealthy people to endure. Take a look at our in-depth analysis of exactly how bad technology is for your body and what you can do to prevent any long term damage.


New $199 Nintendo Switch Lite Confirmed

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a now confirmed device from the Japanese gaming company that could rival the 3DS and other mobile gaming options. Take a look at everything we know, including what's different, how much it costs, and what colors it comes in.


Amazon Defeats Facial Recognition Critics

An Amazon shareholder vote to ban the sale of facial recognition to government agencies failed spectacularly today, garnering only 2.4% of the vote, according to company filings. The debate over facial recognition has been extensive, with privacy advocates and law enforcement ...

Field Service Management

RazorSync Review – 2019

Razorsync is an affordable, easy-to-use field service software designed to make life as a business owner easier, in industries from IT to lawn care. Check out our 2019 review, and make sure to compare prices so you can find the best field management software for your company.