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Lenovo Teases Unique Foldable Smartphone

The bendable screen craze continues, as Lenovo has released its design for foldable smartphone. With multiple screens and asymmetrical hinges, to say the design is unique would be a terrible, terrible understatement.

Field Service Management

RazorSync Review – 2019

Razorsync is an affordable, easy-to-use field service software designed to make life as a business owner easier, in industries from IT to lawn care. Check out our 2019 review, and make sure to compare prices so you can find the best field management software for your company.


Valve Announces New VR Headset

Virtual reality could be one step closer to getting mainstream attention: Valve has announced a new VR headset poised to make an impact on an industry still looking for its moment in the spotlight. So how good is it, how much does it cost and should you buy one?


Apple Wants to Improve Your Underwater iPhone Pictures

Underwater mobile photography could get a serious upgrade in the near future, as Apple has apparently submitted a patent application aimed at improving the woefully underutilized waterproof smartphone function. The application details a number of solutions. Here's the low-down.


5 Big Ideas for Fixing How We Use the Internet

The internet was a great idea, initially. However in recent years, privacy concerns, data misuse, and more trolls than the underside of a fairy tale bridge have turned the world's digital community into a bit of a mess. Luckily, there are ideas out there for how to fix it.


VPN vs DNS and Proxy Servers – Which is Best?

A VPN, Smart DNS and Proxy Server can all provide you with added security to protect your privacy online. But while they might seem similar, each one has unique features that set them apart. So which one secures your personal information best, and how?


4 Jobs That We Shouldn’t Trust to Robots

Technology has become an integral part of everyday life, but there has to be a line, right? From hiring and firing employees to driving and doctoring everyday people, there are some jobs that should be left to human beings.