Conor is the Senior Writer for For the last four years, he’s written about everything from Kickstarter campaigns and budding startups to tech titans and innovative technologies. His extensive background in stand-up comedy made him the perfect person to host tech-centric events like Startup Night at SXSW and the Timmy Awards for Tech in Motion.

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Google Pixel 3 XL Phone – Everything We Know So Far

The Google Pixel 3 XL is one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year. Fortunately, if you're not very patient, there have been a number of significant leaks in recent weeks that should give you a good idea of what to expect out of Google's flagship smartphone for 2018.

Field Service Management

RazorSync Review – 2019

Razorsync is an affordable, easy-to-use field service software designed to make life as a business owner easier, in industries from IT to lawn care. Check out our 2019 review, and make sure to compare prices so you can find the best field management software for your company.

Field Service Management

HouseCall Pro Review – 2019

Sister software to Housecall, which lets you find and order a field worker, Housecall Pro knows their users well. Housecall Pro is considered one of the best field service software programs on the market. Find out if this could be the right management tool for your business.

Field Service Management

mHelpDesk Review – 2019

"Hey boss, give yourself a break!" - mHelpDesk is one of the most popular management software providers for field service business, from HVAC to Pest Control. Find out why in our 2019 review, and compare prices to find the best field management software deal for your company.


Intervention Time: Is Social Media Actually Addictive?

Social media has become so popular in such a short period of time that many worry its users exhibit signs of addiction. But, are platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat actually addictive, or are recent reports guilty of being overly dramatic? Today, half ...


What Technology Looked Like in the 90s

The only constant in the world of technology is change. And when it comes to consumer electronics, the products in our pockets today couldn’t look much more different than their 90s counterparts. Similarly, some of the most innovative and groundbreaking devices from just ...


VPN vs DNS and Proxy Servers – Which is Best?

A VPN, Smart DNS and Proxy Server can all provide you with added security to protect your privacy online. But while they might seem similar, each one has unique features that set them apart. So which one secures your personal information best, and how?


What Is OpenVPN and Should You Use It?

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol allowing secure online access from point-to-point completely free of charge. We explain the pros and cons of using the free OpenVPN protocol, plus whether it’s the best VPN for you.