Elad is the founder and CEO of LTG Exam Platform. A consummate hard worker, Elad brought his vision of mobile education to life while balancing the demands of running LTG with the coursework of MIT Sloan School of Management. This same grit drove his success as a standout basketball player in his native country of Israel where he played professionally. In between, Elad spent 5 years as a software technologist for leading high-tech companies such as GE and Intel. Elad holds a BSc in Information Systems Engineering from the Technion and is a passionate snowboarder.


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How to Capture the Attention of Millennials


By their nature, startups are better poised to capture the eye of millennials than larger corporations. Small disruptive companies are seeking to do something better, make a process more efficient and enjoyable, or introduce something new altogether. These pursuits resonate with the millennial worldview…