Greg is a 30-year veteran of the software business who has helped grow three startups into global brands, two of which exceeded $100M in revenue and one reached IPO. His passion lies in helping ambitious entrepreneurs realize their big visions, and today, Greg consults with CEOs to help them grow through the treacherous early stages before they reach “escape velocity.”


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Is Your Startup Really a Small Business in Disguise?

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As the digital economy progresses, the lines between startups and successful small businesses are starting to blur. To be sure, you wouldn’t confuse a law firm in Kansas City with a venture-funded Silicon Valley software startup of the same size. But neither one of…

3 Lessons for Startups Trying to Solve an Industry Problem


When diving into a city’s ecosystem, a common question is where are all the startups? Sure you can ask around, but to have one central place where the community can turn to is not something ecosystems tend to have available. Having a hub where anyone…