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5 Reasons You May Need an NDA

Potential investors love to malign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). And why shouldn't they? They want to talk to many entrepreneurs without restriction on conversation topics. But on this point the investor's interests are not the same as the innovator's. The innovator has one ...


A Great Product Also Needs a Great Story

There are countless obstacles a startup will face while attempting to succeed. For many, it simply comes down to the product itself. Is it innovative enough? Is it solving a real problem? Is it unique enough to withstand the competition? These are all questions...


Does Creating Content Lead to Greater Market Share?

Online gurus consistently give the same piece of advice to startups over and over again: Become market leaders. To achieve this, they say, you should produce as much content as possible and distribute it everywhere. Record yourself speaking in a video (that's YouTube –...


4 Tips for Mobile App Marketing

It isn’t always easy to make an app famous. With over 1.35 million smartphone apps across iOS and Android, and a rapidly growing tablet market, there’s a veritable sea – nay, ocean – of apps competing for attention. So how do you grow from...


The Best Business Software That Works Together

To have a scalable business system that runs smoothly from end to end is the dream, at least for my company. But where to start? There are a million and one options when it comes to business software, handling email, newsletters, project management, and...


The Risks and Advantages of NFC Technology

Recent reports have highlighted some major concerns about the security and reliability of near field communications, specifically surrounding the technology’s use in mobile phones. The risks become particularly worrisome in instances where NFC technology is used in conjunction ...