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Why Your (Early-Stage) Startup Needs Marketing

The worlds of marketing and technology continue to converge, resulting in a growing interdependence that has consumer Internet startups taking notice. This is likely the result of a few factors: Internet marketers, specifically those who are focused on inbound marketing, are now ...


5 Problems Facing Indian Startups

According to a recent study done by the Kauffman Foundation, 33.2 percent of the cofounders of tech firms founded by immigrants in the US are Indians (since 2006). Despite such strong figures, when it comes to building a startup in India, most Indians are...


WeSEE: A Better Image Search

This scenario happens to me a lot when I’m working on visual designs of any sort: I’m searching for images and ideas that will fit my designs, spending sometimes hours browsing through images on Google, Pinterest, and stock sites – gaining nothing in the...


6 No-Cost Ways to Cross-Promote Your Startup

If you’re trying to promote a startup on a shoestring budget, consider cross-promotion. Find another business with a similar clientele to partner with, and promote your products or services together. While some cross-promotion plans can cost money, there are plenty of ways to ...


Decisionaire: Helping the World Make Better Decisions

The founders of Decisionaire have found their niche in something that people do all day, every day – make decisions.  The purpose of this Baltimore-based startup is to help the world make better decisions by providing a marketplace where individuals can sell their ...


Launch a Business with Tools Already at Your Disposal

Editor’s Note: This blog post has been excerpted from an article that was originally published by Lauren Thorp on her blog, Quick Like Foxes. As a non-technical single founder of a tech startup, I've learned a thing or two about being scrappy and developing...


The Secret to Inbound Marketing: Caring

Inbound marketing is a tactical game. Building keyword-focused content, sharing it via specific outlets at specific times, mastering SEO, and generating and nurturing leads all can be measured rather precisely. Unfortunately, going through the motions isn’t going to make a ...


Big Ad Agencies Hate

Big advertising agencies should be scared of startup ZoomTilt, and for good reason. You see, switched on marketing executives around the world are wondering why production costs are so inflated when it comes time to shoot their next commercial, why their agencies always push ...


Slingshot Your Way To Success: How To Compete With Goliath

Entrepreneurs are competitive. They make it through hard work, intuition, and by fighting for clients, market share, and stability. Being competitive is an asset in the professional world, but sometimes this attitude can cause blindness in a business owner who becomes focused ...