Jason Lorimer is a strategist and fellow entrepreneur @Entrepreneurs (http://blog.culturahq.com/), where he works to advocate and execute on behalf of those with the ambition to do more than just entertain ideas. Jason and his team transform pre-internet business models into post-internet companies and prepare them to scale. Most recently Jason has set out to help cultivate industrial age cities into start up hubs.


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Solution Zero – Don’t Overthink Your Startup

Startup cartoon

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” – Peter Drucker I get asked from time to time what I believe makes someone an entrepreneur, and invariably I respond by saying that an entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem…

Could LivingSocial Use Adventures To Pull Ahead of Groupon?

LivingSocial Adventures Coffee Talk

Recently I was working out of one of my favorite Philadelphia coffee shops when I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman who works for the Adventures vertical of LivingSocial. This venture, formerly Urban Escapes out of NYC, was acquired by Living Social…

How Group Sales Sites Are Transforming Commerce

Group Sale

The latest buzz phrase among those who discuss such things is “O2O” or “Offline to Online Commerce.” The most commonly referenced company in this category is undoubtedly Groupon, the group sale site with a pre-IPO valuation between $15 – 25 billion. Time will tell…