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Top Customer Segmentation Tools for 2018

Customer Segmentation Tools 2018

Segment Your Customers Wisely: Top Tools for 2018 The beauty of an online site is that it enables quick access and  extraction of all the raw and real-time data that can be collected, processed  and classified. This helps to create a sticking point in…

3 Ways to Build a Website & 1 Chance to Get It For Free

build a website

We enter the brand new epoch, when a rapid leap in the technological development is observed. There are so many innovations being introduced, affecting the internet technologies field every year. Sometimes we just don’t keep up with all of them and discover the latest…

Building a Website with WYSIWYG Editors: Pros and Cons

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A ‘visuals first’ design impacts people’s behavior on the web greatly. Because users do not normally prefer to read large batches of text, beautiful visuals are required to make a website attractive. People appreciate visual beauty in all aspects of their lives, so why should…