Fan Bi is Founder and CEO of Blank Label, an award-winning custom menswear brand with stores in Boston and Washington D.C.


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5 Ways Online Businesses Succeed When They Open a Physical Store

ecommerce startups, store

Although online-only business models promise higher returns, retail brands are starting to open brick-and-mortar locations to attract more consumers. Just look at Amazon. It wasn’t that long ago that retail-focused entrepreneurs were thrilled by the possibilities of …

3 Reasons Why Ecommerce Startups Are Moving Offline

ecommerce startups, store

Some of the most funded, fastest growing startup brands, including Warby Parker, Bonobos, Birchbox, Etsy, Rent the Runway, and Harry’s, who all started online-only, are moving their stores offline and opening up independent brick-and-mortar locations. What are the top …