Lisa Morales-Hellebo is an entrepreneur, seasoned product strategist, and creative director with a career that spans 20+ years helping companies; from start-ups to F500s maximize conversions via multi-channel, e-commerce product strategy, development, and brand extension. In 2014, she founded and launched the New York Fashion Tech Lab with Springboard Enterprises, the Partnership Fund for NYC, and many top brands while serving as Executive Director for the first cohort. Her previous fashion tech contextual search startup, Shopsy, participated in TechStars in 2012 after she was selected as one of the Top 10 Women in DC Tech. She has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, ranging from FashInvest, Women 2.0, WWD, and Refinery 29 to Fast Company, Crain’s, Huffington Post, El Nuevo Dia, & ABC 7 Tiempo, to name a few.

Lisa is active in the startup community as an alumna of TechStars (the #1 global startup accelerator), 85 Broads, and the Dell Founders Club; while serving on the Board of Puerto Rican accelerator, Parallel18, and mentoring at The Startup Institute and The Founder Institute. She currently serves on startup advisory boards for SNOBSWAP and Dressometry while mentoring entrepreneurs around the globe.


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