Robert Wallace is Executive Vice President of Marketing at Tallwave, where he leverages his entrepreneurial and strategic marketing expertise to develop and implement Lean Startup strategies for Tallwave early-stage ventures. He has more than a decade of startup and client-side experience developing growth strategies, positioning companies, and bringing products to market. Follow him at @robertawallace.


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Storytelling is the Differentiator your Startup is Ignoring

storytelling for startups

The classic “four Ps” of marketing, originally coined in the 1960s, described the four elements that distinguished a brand: product, price, place, and promotion. In the tech industry, the four Ps alone aren’t enough to define a brand. Consider Uber and Lyft. Because many…

An Open Letter to Startups: Your Brand Sucks

An Open Letter to Startups: Your Brand Sucks

Dear Startup, Please don’t be offended, I know you tried. I know you’ve likely poured everything you’ve got into getting your venture off the ground. You’ve missed birthdays, lost friends, and probably haven’t slept more than five hours in as long as you can…

Five Things Tech Founders Wish They Knew Back Then

At one time or another, I think we’ve all wished we could go back in time and make a few different decisions, knowing then what we know now. It’s human nature to want to go back and tell the youthful version of ourselves a…