Executive Director of Village Capital; also teach at University of Virginia. Enable entrepreneurs to solve major global problems. Big fan of University of Virginia basketball and the MLB Atlanta Braves.


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Why Venture Capital Misses The Big Ideas

The Innovation Blind Spot - Venture Capital Process

For most people, “innovation” means what we invest in: Where’s the next Uber or Lyft? But there’s been very little innovation in how we find ideas. As one tangible example, most of the venture capital process today is a “one size fits all” system…

Entrepreneurs Hate Fundraising ; How To Fix It

VC and Entrepreneur Fundraising Conversation Cartoon for VilCap by Awais

Entrepreneurs and VCs need to be more precise in the way they talk to each other when it comes to fundraising. Put yourself in the shoes of a startup investor. Every day you review entrepreneurs, through a sort of funnel: very wide at the top…