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A History of Chatbots: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Chatbots are over fifty years old. Over many years and many formats, artificially intelligent chat technology has evolved into the bots we recognize today. For all their recent advancements, however, chatbots still leave much room for refinement. The history of chatbots hasn’t …

Take a Stroll Through the Customer Service Graveyard

customer service

An inscribed clay tablet, kept in the British Museum, is widely believed to be the world’s first recorded customer service complaint. Inscribed are the frustrations of a disgruntled customer, demanding a refund for the delivery of the wrong grade of copper. While there is…

50 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips [Infographic]

5 Scientifically-Proven Tips to Boost Website Conversions

In the firecely competetive world of ecommerce, success is determined by the ability to convert online leads into actual sales. Businesses are channeling all their efforts on making their websites work harder, and sell more. So why is it that conversion rates usually stand…

Top 5 Unhelpful Tech Support Sentences

Top 5 Unhelpful Tech Support Sentences

Despite all its advantages, working in tech support regularly exposes you to rage, frustration and scathing reviews. Paying customers aren’t always patient when things go wrong. And of course, it’s technical support employees who most often receive the brunt of that …

5 Ways the Early Entrepreneur Catches the Worm

Healthy Entrepreneur

There’s a reason that the majority of successful business people self-identify as morning people. There’s a reason that renowned thinkers and corporate leaders advocate getting up before you strictly must. There’s a reason that so many bodies of research connect …