Eleanor Wall (aka TechTidbits) is a tech blogger, startup cheerleader, and freelance brand marketing content creator.

Eleanor provides clients with content ranging from blog content to social media posts. Regardless of business niche, Eleanor can craft engaging, shareable content for brand building.


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BoostVC’s Beloola Brings Virtual Reality to Your Browser


Celebrities performing for invited fans inside a virtual reality stadium. Brands sharing social media updates with their followers within a virtual reality environment. Friends exchanging YouTube videos and Spotify clips via a virtual reality interface. This is our digital future, and it is happening…

Voice-to-Emoji Translation Now Available with Speeji


What do you get when you combine voice translation and emojis? If you’re an iOS user, you get Speeji. Developed in partnership with Beverly Hills’ Thunderbolt Studios, Speeji turns voice messages into emojis for sharing via text message, social media, or email. Founded by…

Advertise to a Student Audience with College Press Club

Wishing there was a way to lower your advertising costs and connect with young potential customers at the same time? Thanks to Boulder-based startup College Press Club, there now is. College Press Club connects college newspaper publishers with advertisers. Instead of calling each publication…