Tech.Co Contributor FAQ

What are you looking for in a Tech.Co contributor?

We’re looking for experts in technology that can speak to industry trends, company culture, building a startup, venture funding, emerging technology, how tos, tips, personal development or trends in one’s local ecosystem, who can provide a crisp and concise message through high-quality writing that matches our voice.

Do you publish timely and embargoed news from contributors?

No. If there is a tip for something timely, then please send it to our news tip line. Our staff reporters will be happy to review the news for consideration.

How frequently can I contribute articles?

As frequently as you want, but it must be original content developed for Tech.Co and in line with our editorial calendar (coming soon). We review articles each week for consideration. We have a number of regular contributors with whom we work to regularly publish original pieces. If you have a great piece to share, definitely feel free to submit it.

Do you pay for guest posts?

No. We offer the opportunity to get in front of millions of readers to share your knowledge, be seen as a thought leader, and to help our thriving startup ecosystem.

How will I know if the article was approved or not?

All articles are published at Tech.Co’s discretion. Once an article is submitted through our platform, the editorial team will review the article and determine whether its content fits Tech.Co’s audience within 2-3 weeks. If your article doesn’t post within that time frame, then it was not approved. We encourage you to continue to check back on our site and social media.

Will my article be published as is?

The Tech.Co editorial staff reserves the right to edit any and all content to fit our voice, standards, format, length, etc. The editorial staff will not offer feedback or questions on publishing dates during this process. Any marketing or affiliate links will be deleted.

So it’s been 3 weeks and my article hasn’t been published, can I follow up with someone on the editorial staff?

Our staff does not offer feedback or respond to questions regarding publishing dates. Your article was most likely not in line with our voice, standards, or focus. If you do not see your submitted article in WordPress then it was rejected and deleted. We encourage you to look at the content that is produced on Tech.Co each day to understand our focus, and then try again with another piece! Thank you!

Can I see my article analytics? (Page views, shares, etc.)

Tech.Co does not share site data around submited pieces with contributors. We do post the article on Facebook and Twitter and we encourage you to share your article through your network and watch the analytics provided on those platforms.

Format & Style Guide

How long should my articles be?

Articles should range between 400 and 600 words PERIOD. Articles that are not within that range are risking rejection.

Do I supply a graphic?

The editorial staff will pick the best visual for the article however, if you want to take a crack at it, check out these royalty free sites and include a link to your selected photo in your article. Photos should be 940 x 530.

What if I have a Vlog or podcast to contribute?

Great! Provide a 250 word intro that discusses the topic, subject and what our audience will learn from the Vlog or podcast as well as the context and background on the interviewee and discussion points.

Can I share my same article on other news sites?

Once your article has been submitted and published on the Tech.Co website, Tech.Co retains all copyrights to the submitted content. There are some cases, however, when you can request that an article be republished in part, with a link directing the audience to the original, full article on Tech.Co. If you wish to repurpose the content on another website, please send an email to [email protected] with the headline “REQUEST FOR REPUBLISH”.

Where will I find my article on social?

Please see these social platforms:




Can I edit my article once it is already live?

No. Our editorial staff has edited the content to our standards, voice and format. Once it’s published contributors no longer have the ability to make edits. If there is a correction needed, send an email to [email protected] with the headline “ARTICLE CORRECTION”. Our editorial team will get to your correction request as soon as they can.


  1. Articles must be original and written by the author.
  2. Articles that are being used for marketing or paid content for placement will be rejected and the author will be removed as a contributor.
  3. Authors must be real people.
  4. One more time, we do not allow self-promotion, affiliate links, dofollows, or other marketing that you have been paid to include in the content we publish.


  • 400-600 words maximum
  • Link to any source that you are using for stats, references.
  • Backlinking – required for sources that you are using for stats or references only, not for marketing purposes. Marketing links will be deleted.
  • More backlinking no nos – Promoting products or services could result in automatic rejection.
  • Fact checking – we will be fact checking any stats and references, so make sure to link to your sources. If we find that you are misrepresenting data, we will automatically reject your piece.
  • Provide a compelling intro, 2-3 sentences long max.
  • Provide context and reasoning to your post.
  • Have a logical conclusion and ending.
  • Make it interesting, sharable and educational to our readers.
  • Editorial team has the option to reject or edit any content piece that isn’t up to standards or has been found to violate our policies.
  • Style Guide – we have a style guide available to help you with any questions, please email [email protected] for this request.

I’m having problems with the TechCo platform (WordPress). Where can I get help?

If you are having a WordPress issue, please email us at [email protected] with the headline “WORDPRESS ISSUES”.

Thank you!

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