10 Damn Good Reasons to Live and Work in Los Angeles

“You can tell the success of an entrepreneur by how tan they are.”  This was Matt Galligan’s opening statement referencing the much darker complexion of the Los Angeles native Howard Leonhardt at the recent Tech Cocktail San Francisco Sessions.  And by this standard, Los Angeles is an assembly line of successful tech entrepreneurs.

But if 300 days of sunlight and beautiful beaches aren’t enough to lure you, Tech Cocktail caught up with a host of LA-based entrepreneurs to convince you on why Los Angeles is such an ideal location to both work and live.

It’s the Epicenter of Entertainment and Media

The entertainment industry brings together talent, creativity, and capital in a way that creates a one of kind atmosphere. The result is a truly unique melting pot of skills to build new products.

Andrew K Kirk, founder at Face The Buzz Marketing

Huge Market Potential

Los Angeles is the second largest city with over 18 million people. Everyone is on their grind and there are limitless opportunities to find your niche as a startup. The city is flooded with billboards and bus ads, evidence that old models are still profitable. However, the need for technology innovation is rising, and with a large market and little competition, LA is fertile ground.

Nikhil Jhunjhnuwala, co-founder of myRight

Eclectic Business Environment

LA’s laid back and tight knight community make it an ideal place for a startup because it helps unleash your creativity because you’re fueled by so many different sectors – technology, the beach and the entertainment capital of the world. No better place to innovate!

Shivani Siroya, CEO and founder at InVenture

Land of Grand Ambition

LA is the greatest place to live because everyone who comes to LA is a dreamer who thinks that the impossible is possible…and then does their damndest to make it so.  Then, quite a few succeed.  Practicality is not a constraint that binds Angelenos like it does to people in most other cities in the world.

Alicia Yaffe, Founder and CEO at The Spellbound Group

Because we have two Intelligentsia Coffee Shops

It’s 2pm and if you’re hustling for a startup, chances are you’re already on your second or third cup of coffee. I know I am! In LA, we have access to some really great coffee, including two-Intelligentsias, Handsome Roasters, etc. Need I say more?

Sen Sugano, Director of Business Development at Grubwithus

LA Embraces Diversity

Living in LA means visiting Chinatown, Thaitown or Little Armenia is always a short trip from home. Though parts of our city may feel like sleepy suburbs they are rich with culture as we are host to immigrants from all over the world. This means that Angelinos are the recipients of fine and fun cuisine, art, history, textiles and language. Our days are spent meeting people whose childhoods may bear little semblance to our own. Living in a culturally rich city leads to innovations both personal and professional.

Jessica Gottlieb, Founder at JessicaGottlieb.com

Because LA is Underrated

Sure the weather is great and the beach is sandy. But we also build companies that make a ton of money. Few people know that 96% of Google’s revenue comes from the work of two LA companies (the Adwords model was invented by Overture, and Adsense came through an acquisition of Applied Semantics). There’s less capital here than in Silicon Valley, so building companies that make money from the beginning is in our DNA – lead gen, flash sales, eCommerce, etc. If you have a solid business model, LA is the place to be.

Dmitri Leonov, Hustler at SaneBox

Paradise and Business Meet Daily

Whether you are doing business or relaxing, which become one in the same, where else can you wake to sunshine/fair weather, 350+ days annually, meet and conduct business with associates outside regularly, have tepid weather, while balancing work and play – Los Angeles!

Mitch Ellner, CEO and Founding Partner CNC Strategy

Abundance of Creative Talent

With all of the entertainment companies and The Mouse alone, Los Angeles has some of the most creative genius and wit I have ever seen. Even our techies are more creative than the creative team I had when I lived in the Big D!  You gotta play to your strengths!

Frank Mastronuzzi, Chief Love Officer at OneGoodLove.com

Incredible density of Incubators, Accelerators, Angels and VCs

With the rise of tech startups and activity in LA, a large influx of resources has followed. Entrepreneurs here have a wealth of options to gain support.

Andrew K Kirk, again

Ready to make Los Angeles Your Home?

Good, because you can.  Check out the jobs below (or browse through the Los Angeles Jobs Listing) to see which is the ideal fit for you.

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