10 Sites to Help You Procrastinate The Right Way

Computers, tablets and smartphones are amazing devices, allowing us to make more in less time. They’re incredible at making us more productive, but they can also work against you. With the advent of the internet, along came several website with no other goal than procrastination.

Procrastinating isn’t always bad – after a long and stressful day at work, surfing the web and checking random sites without a worry in the world can do wonders. Also, it does not have to be negative, as we can learn while doing nothing. For that specific purpose, here is a selection of ten of the best sites for procrastination.

The Useless Web

As the name perfectly implies, this website features a single button that sends you to any one of millions of random sites. However, the caveat is that all sites are crazy or absolutely useless, getting our productivity reaching to an absolute zero.

Find The Invisible Cow

In this game, you have to move the mouse’s cursor throughout the blank screen, in order to find a hidden cow. In order to get an idea on the cow’s location, be sure to turn your audio on, otherwise, you are going to have some serious trouble.


Speaking of games, this website features an almost endless selection of them. From popular titles, like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope or Slither.io, to other lesser know games, the hardest task will surely be to choose what to play.

Shut Up And Take My Money

Looking at things to buy is also a good form of procrastination, and this website is excellent at that. Everything featured on the website falls into the “I don’t need this, I WANT it,” category, making for some of the best procrastination on the web.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Just as the name tells you, this website shows a different astronomy picture each day. There are no fancy designs, logos or fonts – everything here is plain and simple, except for the incomprehensible complexity of the pictures featuring the cosmos.

Weave Silk

Explore you inner artist with this website, where you can produce incredible pieces of art using nothing but the movement of the mouse. You’ll be a procrastinating Van Gogh before you know it. Just don’t cut off your ear.


This incredibly popular site allows you to create great musical mixes and drum beats. To do so, simply add more characters to the mix and drop some instrument or voice effect in there. You can even record and share your creations on any of your social media pages.

Rainy Mood

Calming your nerves after a hard day’s work is important, and the sound of rain can help with that. If there is no rain outside, don’t worry – this website has got you covered with as many types of rain as you need.


This is one of the most interesting and fun games online. Using Google Maps, it puts you in a random and unknown location, and you have to guess where on the World Map that place is located just by looking around. After your guess, information appears about how close your guess was.

Free Rice

Sure, procrastination kills productivity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be absolutely worthless. On this website, you can actually feed someone by getting answers right, as each correct answer is converted into 10 rice grains for the United Nations World Food Program.

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