10 Startups Changing the Video Space

Video began its evolution decades before the Internet changed it forever. In fact, it seems the way audiences create, share, and watch content is never stagnant for long. This is especially true in an era of apps.

In the innovative video space, there seems to be no shortage of startups that are making a big difference. The following ten startups are making sizable dents, however, capturing attention from the media, investors, and audiences everywhere.


As popular as streaming has become, viewers are still challenged to watch their favorite network shows. RabbitTV searches the Internet for video content and brings it to viewers in an easy-to-browse format. Options include more than 350,000 videos, more than 100,000 movies, more than 500 live channels, and more than 50,000 radio stations.


After landing $1.1 million in funding, Videopixie is set to change the way businesses find producers to fulfill their video production needs. Clients post their production needs and professionals bid on the jobs, showing off their portfolios to give businesses the examples they need before making a decision.


Vessel has the benefit of being founded by the former head of Hulu, which may be why the company was able to recently raise $57.5 million in funding. Like Netflix and Hulu, Vessel is subscription based, but the site specializes in short-form video, promising its members early access to videos.


Elemental’s tool has captured the interest of Amazon, which recently acquired the video production startup. Companies like CNN and HBO already use the software, which uses a specialized computer chip to help providers stream media online more smoothly.


By now, consumers had expected virtual reality (VR) to be a fundamental part of content consumption. While the technology isn’t yet mainstream, Jaunt is doing its part, promising an immersive entertainment experience to its customers.


While social media has become a major way of communicating, video mostly remains separate. Streamup aims to make streaming a social experience. Users can watch videos created by the site’s users and chat about the experience with others throughout. Video creators can make money off of their endeavors.


Food is a very visual experience, especially when you’re trying to share it online. Tastemade allows users to post videos of their travel and dining experiences directly on the site to share with others. Because the videos are viewable on mobile devices as well as PCs, the site can be taken on the road.


If you’ve ever logged serious time in a medical waiting room, you likely know what a captive audience patients and family members can be. ContextMedia caters to those audiences, producing customized, relevant content that delivers useful information and improves patient-physician relationships.


Vibby is another solution that seeks to make the video-watching experience more sharable. With this tool, users can highlight, share, and discuss their favorite parts of any video they watch online. For businesses, built-in analytics allow them to track customer responses to the content they’ve shared.


Athletes consistently strive to improve. InstaCoach can help, connecting coaches with sports teams and athletes and facilitating feedback. Coaching can be conducted live to allow athletes to improve based on the real-time feedback they’re getting. The service is used by sports federations, clubs, and individual coaches.

Video is no longer relegated to video cameras and VCRs. Today’s technology allows consumers at any experience level create and share winning videos and use them to interact with others. As more tools emerge, social media will likely become more deeply integrated with the way videos are produced, shared, and watched, taking the viewing experience out of the living room and putting it in a much broader environment.

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