11 Ways to Find Discounted Software

You might be in business for yourself. You might be a student with limited funds. You might be a small business owner with small budget to match. Whatever your situation, you probably would prefer to save big on buying software that you need. Here’s some ways you probably don’t know about when trying to find discounted software:

  1. You should shop around for thebest price. Never assume that the online software store you are looking at offers the best deal just because it’s popular.
  2. Don’t forget to calculate shipping. A good deal can turn sour when you add in the shipping costs or taxes.
  3. Go directly to the source. If you want something, purchase it from the manufacturer and follow them on social media sites where they post specials.
  4. Buy the upgrade. Most companies offer discounts for people buying the upgrade version. They often are half the price of the retail version. This only works if you already own an older version of the software.
  5. Switch loyalties. Some companies will sell you the upgrade version if you bring in a competing product. They might even give you a discount on the new full version.
  6. Get  the trial product. Often, the trial is free for 30 days. After that time, you will have learned to use the software and might be more willing to purchase the full version. You can expect to pay less if you want the full version.
  7. Check licensing information. Before purchasing, find out how many computers are licensed to use it. Microsoft Home and Student can be run on three computers. This equals to one-third the cost if you own three computers.
  8. Look for the features you need. Adobe Creative Suite and others have multiple editions of the software to fit all users. Find the features you need and purchase that version. Adobe will allow you to subscribe monthly for less than if you were to purchase the suite.
  9. Check coupon codes. If you have more than one coupon code, make sure you can use more than one type on the software you want to buy. Many companies do not allow for multiple discounts. If the product already is on sale, it might not accept an additional coupon code.
  10. Learn how schools can save. Students, teachers and others in academia can get huge discounts because of the educational value in the software. These licenses are identical to the retail versions except that you cannot use the software for commercial purposes. As a parent, you can probably make use of such offers if your child is attending college.
  11. Buy old. Like buying a used car, you can save lots of money if you purchase an older version rather than getting the newest product. This is true for software and technology.
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