3 Apps Making Your Life Almost too Easy

Like many millennials, I share an addiction– I’ll admit that I cannot eat, sleep, or breathe without my smartphone super-glued to my side. Besides the fact that I’m not able to live without communicating to the outside world via texts and phone calls. My smartphone has become my personal assistant.

With some stunning technological advancements in the world, our lives have been made a whole lot simpler and efficient. Sure, our elders are nostalgic when reminding us of the good ol’ days. But, tasks were essentially slower and harder back then. Why struggle when we can have full control of our lives with the help of apps? Whilst most people think apps are just to bide our time with fun games, they actually simplify daily tasks. From apps that help you to get to places, to those that remind you about important meetings– our lives are almost too easy and uncomplicated.

With the vast amount of apps out there (1.5 million and counting), the one that’s worth your time may be lost at sea. Bringing these two elements together, here’s a short but sweet list of 3 Android apps that guarantee to change your life in 2015.


We’re on the cusp of summer break- and it’s become second nature to surf the google app store for the best hotels, places to tour and restaurants to eat at within that destination . As mentiTingz.meoned already, there’s an overwhelming amount of app options to choose from, making it practically impossible to find the best ones, and that’s where Tingz.me comes into play.

Tingz.me is an app that helps you discover other applications. It’s a unique recommendation engine that tailors its suggestions based on what you do and what you like. It’s free to use with no in-app purchases. The app does its magic as you continue your day-to-day routine and notifies your device exactly when it discovers the most relevant apps based on your interests. Millennials are the most stressed-out generation, according to the American Psychological Association, and apps such as Tingz.me help to ease that first-world hassle of app discvoery.



Here’s a crazy thought: each day the average person has approximately 50,000 thoughts run through their head Is it any wonder with this amount of inner traffic that we lose touch with our self and become disorganized? It’s hard to predict what those thoughts may be and when they will occur- you may be in the middle of something at work or busy driving. With the amount of information being produced, many important ideas lag behind and simply become forgotten.



Our lives have become so frantic, juggling a million tasks at one time and the need for keeping track of your thoughts and ideas someplace safe and secure is inevitable. Any.do, the to-do list app, is a daily planner that’s designed to give users a rundown of their current tasks each morning. The app is both quick and simple to use. You even have the option to literally speak your mind as the app has a voice recognition option. The app is able to sync with Google Tasks so an effortless integration over varied devices is viable. If you find yourself thinking of a million dollar business idea, Any.do will carry out all the legwork to remember and remind you to finish it.



Getting all your ducks in a row is a sure way to keep stress to a minimum, but sometimes we forget to stop for a few minutes and just breathe. The mind and body deserve peace, but we often find ourselves on life’s roller-coaster ride and have forgotten to take a break to focus on ourselves. Something that seems so simple, but often gets placed on the back burner.calm

With the app Calm, one can meditate and relax for a few minutes at a time. Meditation offers a host of benefits, from improved memory and productivity to stress and pain relief. The app supplements your zen sessions with beautiful scenic photographs and soothing music, for the ultimate namaste time. A soothing voice directs you along these mini-relaxation sessions and elevates you to forget your desk for a few minutes. Ultimately if you’re less stressed, life will feel simpler and less daunting.


These apps definitely help to facilitate the change and make life easier and better. But at the end of the day, the change needs to start from within. Give these apps a go and share your experiences in the comments section below.



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