3 Reasons Why Companies Need to Utilize More Mobile Tools

Mobile apps offer a number of different opportunities for businesses worldwide. Whether it’s mobilizing a workforce or a particular business process, organizations are beginning to realize the importance of an innovative enterprise mobility strategy.

Mobilizing an organization can certainly be a long and complex procedure, however, with the right strategy, platform, and development partner in place, it can turn the most difficult of challenges into a seamless and simple process. So what opportunities do mobile tools offer a business?

Boost Employee Productivity

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies are becoming a prominent feature in today’s workplace. Employees are looking to use their own devices in order to simplify everyday business procedures and boost their productivity.

Being given the freedom to access corporate data no matter what the device nor the location is essential for employees in the 21st century. Businesses must provide their workforce with the right tools so that they do their jobs properly. Mobilizing a business does just that.

Whether you have a BYOD policy in place or not, it’s more than likely that your employees are already using multiple devices in the workplace. This provides a huge opportunity for organizations and enables business processes to become much more flexible and accessible.

Faster Internal Communications

Deploying an enterprise mobility solution speeds up internal communications in the same way it speeds up communication between people. Mobilizing your business means that distance is no longer a barrier with regards to business operations and procedures.

Giving a workforce access to instant messaging services like Slack and high-quality video chat software will improve internal communications no end.

Internal communications is a critical component to an organization’s success and mobile technology has become the most direct means to reach employees.

Reduce Business Costs

Relying on paper-based processes which are prone to human error can waste time and money searching for data that might be outdated by the time it is accessed. Mobile technology provides real-time data for businesses and reduces data entry time and human errors that are often made with paper-based processes.

A lack of clarity across an organization is often a contributing factor when it comes to increasing business costs. This is the result of miscommunication and inaccurate data.

Mobilizing a business will eliminate the risk of delayed projects and provide employees with the necessary data to exceed customer expectations. A mobile application will act as a key tool for your entire workforce whilst reducing company overheads.

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Andy Floyd is Head of Communications and Content at B60, European App Developer of the Year. We provide expert mobile consulting, app development and ongoing support for enterprises worldwide. Follow B60 on Twitter!
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