3 Tech Tips to Future-Proof Your Office

The future is only a second away. It only seems like yesterday that people were fearing the Y2K bug like Neanderthals terrified by the concept of fire. The term “space-age 21st century” could be found in a thousand internet articles in 2005, and it wasn’t too long ago that people referred to the movies as  “the pictures”. Moore’s Law dictates that, over the history of computer hardware, the power of a computer has approximately doubled over the past two years. It’s a process we all take for granted – but the rapid ascent of technology could prove nightmarish for a businesses’ bank balance.

Without cutting edge hardware and software, your workplace will start to lag behind competitors. Can you imagine booting up a Spectrum ZX instead of switching on your tablet? Or logging onto your BBC Micro instead of an Apple Mac? It’s unthinkable. A company in digital poverty is at an instant disadvantage in the marketplace. With that in mind, here’s a few tech tips that are guaranteed to future-proof your business.

On the Payroll

Back in the old days, when the world was in monochrome and professional financiers used abacuses, doing the payroll in a company was more torturous than, well, actual torture. If you worked in admin, you’d have to go through the rigmarole of sorting out the payroll once a month, taking two or three days (depending on the size of the company) to formulate everyone’s sick days and tax deductions and goodness knows what else.

Let’s thank our lucky stars that payroll software entered the fray when it did. Companies like Ceridian has revolutionised the payroll system. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be able to log any pertinent information about your employees, from absences to KPIs. It’s a future-proofing system that comes highly recommended.

Slimmer is Better

Everything’s getting smaller – that used to be the mantra for seemingly every tech company. Phones became tiny, laptops shrunk like they had been put in a washing machine, and desktops looked like bulking behemoths when compared with every other piece of kit in your office. Like the aforementioned Moore’s Law, hardware seemed to get smaller every single year.

Nowadays, we’ve learnt that size doesn’t’ really matter – but that doesn’t mean slimline computers in your office won’t look stylish. Use your tech to impress clients by making them slim and sleek.

Put Some Serious Thought in Your Furniture

Technology doesn’t only come in ones and zeroes – it’s in every piece of furniture across your workplace. Ergonomics changes all the time, as does the fashion of the ideal workplace. Stay on-trend by checking out other, newer offices and looking at up-to-date furniture brochures or sites. Without great furniture, your office will look like the pits.

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Marcelo Brahimllari works in the digital planet and studies everything around digital marketing - he enjoys researching and writing about tech start-ups and their marketing integration.
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