4 Expert Tips for Creating an Amazing Value Proposition

A good value proposition is important for every business: It is what gets the product or service sold. However, creating a great value proposition requires a lot of preparation, because several different elements need to be combined to create a proposition that customers and future customers are going to believe in.

To make sure that your proposition is going to be backed by a certain degree of authority, it is important to offer a product or service which you are going to be able to deliver with high quality and in a reasonable time frame.

Additionally, design, language and all the little things on your web page also have an effect on your image and how effective your value proposition is going to be. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that you have to take to successfully achieve this task.

1: The Body of the Value Proposition

A value proposition is a piece of content used to send a clear message about why your products and services are a great choice to your audience. The message should be easy to understand and people should be be able to read it quickly.

This is the first impression you are going to make, so picking the right content body is essential. A good value proposition needs to have:

  • A clean headline – This content should clearly relate to the service you are offering. For example, if you are selling sneakers, a good headline would be “Walk like you never did before.”
  • A Sub-headline – This is usually a smaller paragraph which clearly depicts what you are offering to the customer. The sub-headline is important because your potential customer is going to immediately understand what you are offering to them.
  • Three to five bullet points – Each bullet point should not consist of more than two or three sentences. This part of the value proposition is perfect for differentiating yourself from the competition and displaying information that will make the customer pick your products or services.
  • Visual element – Video material is a great way to present what your product is all about. Additionally, this communication medium is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially for marketing purposes.

The point of a value proposition is to be clearly understood in a short time frame. Therefore, stick to the most important points that will clearly deliver your message.

2: What Information to Include

This is the part in which a lot of businesses make a mistake. Putting in the wrong type of information in your value proposal is going to have a negative impact on your business. This is why you should acquire information from research, so that you can put the right things in your value proposition.

  • Benefits – You should deliver information on why this product is perfect for your customers and what the main benefits that they are going to receive upon purchase are.
  • Why customers should pick you – Include a little bit about the people behind the product, what your goals are and how you want to help your customers.
  • How you are different – In the sea of competition, everyone keeps repeating the same story. Simply give your best to create a unique proposal which is going to show what makes you different from others.

Providing this information in your proposal is crucial for the potential your value proposal carries.

3: Necessary Research You Should Perform

To create a proposal to the above-mentioned standards, it is necessary to put yourself in the customers’ shoes. This is actually crucial for your whole marketing strategy:

  • Who are they – Identifying your target audience is the first step you should take. Don’t be fooled in believing that all people out there are your customers. Knowing who they are, their age, gender and line of work is going to allow you to present direct benefits that will matter to them the most. This is the most important part of the research you should conduct, as it will allow you to tailor your content to audience that is going to read it.
  • What makes you better than others – Take a look at other competitors from your niche. Carefully examine what they are offering and give your best to create an offer that is simply better in any possible way. Include this in your proposition, as it will allow you to position yourself better and attract more customers to your business.

This research plays an important role in value proposal creation and it is actually necessary for creating a proposition that will inspire more people and businesses to collaborate with you.

4: How to Test and Analyze

You should establish several different value proposals and test their performance. This is a very important part of every marketing strategy. Furthermore, you should not only test different proposals, but also use different channels for reaching your customers. Use your email list, website, social media networks and specific platforms to send your value proposition to potential customers.

Create a rotation that will allow you to test the performance of value propositions and different channels of communication. It will make it possible for you to pick the most effective and efficient solution of reaching out to people and successfully convert them into customers.

These are the most important tips that will help you create a great value proposition that will make customers come to you. Once you have taken all the necessary steps, test different proposals and enjoy using the best one. It is certain that your company is going to receive higher number of customers with a little bit of effort on your part.

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