4 Mobile Apps that Will Make you Happy

In this stressful environment it is difficult to keep going with life while ignoring your emotional and spiritual needs. In a race to win and get ahead from another, the need for internal happiness is not catered to very well. It creates anxiety and emotional stress. Often, at times like these the individual who goes through it all is not able to strike a balance between their material and spiritual needs. For this reason, it is essential to find something that will help you with it all.

Take a look at these 4 happiness mobile apps:

1. Happiness with Sri Sri

Happiness With Sri Sri

Sattva Lifestyle introduced a new app called Happiness with Sri Sri. The app is designed around spiritual lessons by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who is known all over the world as the most popular spiritual leader. He is also the founder of Happiness program. Many lessons, teachings, a new way of life by creating happiness along with practical applicability are now available to mobile users through this app. The ancient yogic wisdom for improving the lives of individuals’ world over is available with just one click.

With this app you will be able to live your life in a space of gratitude. The free app is available on Google Play Store and iTunes to download.

2. Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits
Incorporating good habits is essential for better physical and mental health. If you incorporate a balanced meal with good eating habits, you will be able to bring about positivity into your life. You will be able to bring about a better eating habit, alter your mood and keep a track of your progress with the help of colourful graphs.

With Healthy Habits you will be able to set your own personal goals, add your habits to customize things as per your convenience. It is available as a paid app for Android and free app for iOS that will help you develop better lifestyle.

3. Coach.me

In order to achieve your goals, you need to chart out plans for it. For this purpose Coach.me is the right free app for you. You will be able to keep a track of your plans for a given goal. The app features a variety of plans and challenges that fit the bill. It is designed by experts from various fields to give it a professional feel. The plans include meditation, boot camps, yoga, weight loss and many more. Your happiness and level of fitness are easy to achieve with this app.

With community support you will never lose on to your goal and keep on to it. The free app is available for iOS and Android users.

4. My Mood Tracker

My Mood Tracker
Being in a positive frame of mind is difficult. However, if you try mindfulness, then you will be able to stay positive. Additionally, when you are positive you are able to make healthier eating choices. However, if only you keep a track of it all, then it would be a lot easier to maintain it. With My Mood Tracker app it is possible to keep a track of your moods.

This app comes handy for keeping a track of information related to your sleep pattern and even exercise regime. This free app is available only for iOS users.

The apps listed in this article are useful for people who are looking to create balance between their emotional and practical life. Downloading any of these would sure help you to achieve a level of serenity and peace of mind. It will help you deal with daily grind.

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