4 Ways Solo Women Travelers Can Utilize Tech

There are many adventure seekers who swear by traveling solo. Women in particular are hopping on the solo travel trend, freeing themselves of the fears and embracing adventure. In 2015, it’s estimated that 32 million American women traveled alone at least once last year. The trend is expected to skyrocket in the coming year, with 80 percent of the solo travel industry projected to be female.

For women joining the movement, the tech industry has created mobile apps and sites that make solo travel not only easier but safer, as well. Here are the 4 tech-based tips women can use to make the most out of their travels, while alleviating safety concerns.

The Sharing Economy

While an increasing number of hotels are staffing female workers to make female guests feel more comfortable, there’s something more experiential about staying in a local’s home. The sharing economy is a great resource for affordable options with an abundance of local charm.

While these platforms are usually safe, when using apps like Airbnb and Hostel Hero check out reviewers’ profiles to make sure they’re legitimate and have reviewed multiple rental properties. Once you’ve selected a rental, be sure to ask the host about previous guests experiences and crime in the area. If they’re able to answer your questions and the reviews match the experiences, then it is more than likely a reputable rental.

Making Friends Abroad

In recent years, dating apps such as Tinder have become increasingly popular among single men and women. These apps make it easier for busy singles to meet others in the area, make friends, or arrange dates. While they provide a level of convenience, these apps raise critical safety concerns — especially for women. The rapid increase in their popularity has evolved from local dates, into a network for people to make friends when traveling alone internationally. This is not recommended.

When looking for a safer way to meet others when traveling, local events allow a safe and social atmosphere to connect with locals or other tourists, who share common interests. The international ticket-buying site Ticketbis is a secure way to purchase tickets online in over 45 countries and the price is automatically converted to local currency. With Ticketbis, last minute ticket purchases are made safe by alleviating the need for meeting ticket sellers from unsafe sites like Craiglist .

Safety in Unfamiliar Places

When traveling to unfamiliar destinations, it can be difficult to decipher which areas are safe and which areas should be avoided. It’s especially important to educate yourself on these areas when traveling abroad— especially when traveling to large cities where crime levels can change within a one-block radius.

The app Safety Map Worldwide shows you the level of public safety any place on earth. You can read comments and rating from others and see a five-scale danger to safe rating. However, being glued to your phone in a constant state of paranoia is not recommended and is no way to experience the world. What makes this app so useful is its capability to send you a notification if you wander into an unsafe area.

Alerts for Loved Ones

More than likely, when traveling solo you’re leaving loved ones behind who may be concerned for your safety. It’s important that you educate family/friends, informing them of your itinerary, events and methods of transportation.

In order to provide an extra security measure for yourself and to use the minds of loved ones — use a new app, Companion. Companion allows solo travelers to connect with friends, family and public safety departments. The app lets loved ones track you on your trip and sends alerts to emergency contacts if you find yourself in trouble.

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