5 Apps for Making College Student’s Life Easier

Students have always been among the first to embrace all things new: new technologies, new ideas, new views on life. Thus, it is only logical that absolute majority of them uses all kinds of gadgets and apps: for fun and for education. Sometimes both. You probably know some; but here we’ve gathered some that can really make a difference in every student’s life.

1. Any.do

Any.do is one of the most popular life organizing apps out there, not just among students but among all those who wish to bring some order into their everyday lives. And we all know how hectic and chaotic student life may get. A number of well-reputed news resources have reported Any.do as an app of choice for more than 12 million people throughout the world.

What’s so good about it? Simple intuitive design, speech recognition, cloud synchronization so that it can be used on all your apps and an easy way to manage all your to-do lists – what else a beleaguered student may wish for?

2. Mint

One of the most common problems students have to contend with is that of money. Even if you do have enough money to keep yourself afloat, you probably have noticed that it tends to disappear into thin air, leaving you wondering how you’ve managed to waste a sum that was supposed to support you for a month in less than a week. There are many apps that can help you organize your finances, but Mint is certainly among the best suited for students. If you start seeing where your money really goes you certainly will become more considerate about it.

3. Scribd

Scribd gives you an easy access to millions of books and documents online, serving as an indispensable source of information, literature and references for your academic works. After signing up, you can create your own personal library consisting of all the books, notes and other texts you tend to need or may need – which will be available wherever you go, whenever you need them.

4. DuoLingo

If you study a foreign language, either as a part of your college course or on your own, you need all the help you can muster. DuoLingo does its best to provide this help: either to learn the basics or to freshen up your knowledge if you’ve got a bit rusty. It won’t replace a full-fledged language course, but it gives you an opportunity to spend free moments here and there to improve your language skills instead of wasting them – and it is fun, too.

5. CliffsNotes

This app is ideal for students studying literature. It provides detailed notes on all the characters, plot lines and topics covered in a number of books (the list is updated all the time), which will make it easier to navigate among the intricacies of the author’s design.

Smartphones, computers and apps have become such an indispensable part of our lives that one often wonders how it was possible to study at all when they weren’t around. So feel free to use them and others of their kin, but remember: no amount of apps will replace any actual effort on your part!

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