5 Apps That Will Cure Your FOMO

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a phenomenon sweeping the nation. Every day, millions of people are forced to half-commit to plans that “might be fun” in case something amazing should happens in its place.

No one wants to be left alone and plan-less on a Friday night or have to sit silently while the rest of their friends drone on about their amazing weekends. Luckily, there are apps to help ease that creeping feeling of FOMO. Thanks to these iOS and online meetup companies, all you have to do to preemptively dispose of your FOMO is pay heed to the apps that will optimize your social life.


Trying to find something amazing to do internationally can be more work than it is fun. GetYourGuide is an app specifically designed to help you locate the best events in whichever city you’re playing. This app can help you skip the line at an exhibit in Rome, or arrange a ride from the Narita airport in Tokyo.

GetYourGuide is an app created specifically for finding the best hidden gems on your vacation, at your honeymoon destination or during a study abroad program.


Friendable is an app that’s designed to help you find new friends and hang out with local people near you. Friendable uses your location to see the who, what and wheres in your area. From popular coffee shops and lively bars to the biggest musical festival your city has to offer, you can use the app to meet up with new people where you live.

Friendable doesn’t simply find the big events around you, its match-maker interface allows you meet new people by setting up a gathering for you and your friends or joining an open meetup. With so many people coming together in one place, you’re guaranteed to find the best activities with the friendliest company.


Whatever your mood, Gravy’s got just the thing for you. Just like many of the other apps on this list, Gravy helps you find the best events in your city. The difference between Gravy and other meetup apps is that it connects you to people and places based on your current mood. If you’re hankering for something lively, you’ll see different results than if you’re looking to pursue more intellectual interests.

Another major plus of Gravy is that allows you to discover the great happenings around you, along with what other people are saying about them. With its “Social Vibe” feature, you can see who’s there and whether or not you want to join. Instead of getting everyone’s story the next day, Gravy lets you see, in real time, what everyone says about the going ons.


Weotta is the Yelp of events. Designed to help out when you’re stuck without concrete plans, Weotta offers a list of to-dos in your city. If you find your FOMO creeping in, quickly open the app and browse a local map to discover your friend’s top picks for the best places to explore.

With categories such as “Bar Hopping”, “Beer”, “Big Group” and “Cheap Stuff,” you can tailor your meetup to everyone’s tastes.


UpOut is a way for you to discover the very best of your city, while collecting sweet deals along the way. It provides a free medium to find concerts, restaurants and shopping in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York areas.

Between parading around West LA looking for the best eats or the wildest underground shows in NYC, UpOut gets you up off the couch, out of your place and into the world.

While the cure for FOMO is yet to be known, what you can do is treat the patient, rather than the disease, with these five life-changing apps about the town.

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