5 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Website Localization in 2017

Given their opportunities to go global and thrive in every corner of the world, website localization has become important for startups. As language is one of the major barriers for businesses, thriving in geographical markets requires implementing local languages in the marketing campaign.

Localization is not just about website translation but making potential customers feel that the business is a part of their local customs and culture. It is one of the best ways businesses can break down the barriers that comes with geographical differences.

Here are five reasons why startups should seriously consider website localization in 2017.

1. It Breaks Linguistic Barriers

If you are in the B2B or B2C space, then your primary aim is to sell more of your products to other businesses and customers. Breaking the linguistic barrier and increasing the profit is easier when a customer can access your website regardless of his local language.

Website localization has helped people increase opportunities in various markets worldwide. What’s more, recognition as a player in the international market and having clearer and understandable web content is a basic credibility sign. After translating your website to many languages, you will easily ask your foreign customers to review your services or products.

Provision of comprehensive and believable information will also help your website to stand out as a reputable source in the international market.

2. Website Localization Is More Cost -Effective

Perhaps, you might be thinking that opening a local store is important when it comes to doing businesses in all parts of the world. It’s not.

With a multilingual website, you will start by testing the waters and then proceed to investing in the best markets without having to invest in a new team. Moreover, as a business owner, you will avoid the overhead costs expected when a person is physically present in the international markets.

You will only increase your investment if the sales grow on the multilingual website.

3. Less Competition for SEO Keywords

Did you know that today people are competing to rank on the first pages of search engines more than before? It’s true!

Most businesses have realized the benefits Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have on their websites. They are therefore working hard to get the best SEO keywords combinations that can increase traffic on their websites.

However, SEO keywords are only competitive in English. When your website is in any language, other than English, the competition for keywords drops off. That’s natural, considering people create less content in the other languages.

By localizing your website, you will open doors to rank for the less competitive keywords in the other languages. As a result, your website traffic will increase. Another benefit: growth in Domain Authority, which will help you rank better in the domestic keywords.

4. Increase in Customer Engagement

Great first impression does not only apply to the physical businesses, but to the online businesses as well. While trying to build credibility, ensure that all your users are having a positive experience on your site. That is more likely to increase the interaction between the customers and your business in the near future.

If a prospective customer has found exactly what he/she wanted, the chances of returning and bringing more customers is high. They will market your website through recommendations and word of mouth.

5. Global Brand Recognition

If many customers can recognize your brand, then your profits are likely to increase. Proper website localization will lead to your brand recognition worldwide. If you can speak with your potential customers in their local language, then they will associate themselves with your brand and rely on your business as the solution to their needs.

The main goal of localizing a website is to increase the number of customers and boost sales. With proper execution, customer acquisition and more sales can be the best strategy for any business. Provided you have a firm website localization strategy and firm execution, acquiring new customers and increasing your sales will be easier.

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