5 Secrets of a Successful eCommerce Website

With internet and technology use as strong as ever, eCommerce websites are becoming the most reputable method of buying and selling. It is estimated that the internet is compiled of between 10 and 12% eCommerce sites and every day, millions of customers are using them to buy products and services.

In a market this fast-paced, it can be intimidating to begin the sale of your own products through an eCommerce site. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of other services that can provide what you are looking to sell, whether your site is B2B, B2C or C2C. It is important to ask yourself how you can make yourself stand out, engage with your customers and encourage them to return to your site again and again.

Attracting your Audience

First of all, it is important to capture the attention of your intended audience right from the start, before they’ve even had the chance to price up your services and confirm that you’re the right choice for them. This is where Search Engine Optimization becomes most useful. Your main goal is to sell your product, so continue to update your content regularly, ensuring that it is kept engaging, factual and relevant. The customer’s decision to use your service begins before they have even opened your web site, so it is important to engage with them from the offset.

Keep it Simple

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Your customers do not want to have to work hard to determine whether or not your service is right for them, they want to make quick and simple transactions that can instantly deliver. If you are selling a number of different products it could be worth adding a finder tool to your website, allowing users to narrow their search quickly and effectively.  It could also be worth including one-click buying or including direct links to PayPal, anything that you feel will make it as easy as possible to pay for your services. In the ever0developing world of technology, very few people have the time or inclination to wait for what they want.

Ensure Security

Leading on from PayPal, it is important to reassure your clients of the safety of your eCommerce site. Fraudulent activity is rising, and the BBC reported that the first quarter of 2015 showed a 31% increase in the number of customers becoming victims of fraud, rising to 32,058 in comparison to 2014. The vast majority of fraud begins online, with perpetrators turning to online forums to trade and sell information. To ensure the reputability of your eCommerce site, you need to reassure your clients that they are not at risk. Using well-known services such as PayPal, will confirm to customers that their details are safe and they are not at risk.

Answer Questions Before Your Customers Have to

Returning to the subject of simplicity, it is important to make it easy for your customer to make a purchase. Where possible, ensure that they do not have any questions to ask before making a purchase, as this only succeeds in slowing down the transaction, giving them the time and opportunity to look to other eCommerce sites. For this reason, it may be useful to include an FAQ section, answering any queries customers or clients may have, such as shipping costs or delivery time. Consider pitching your site to a test audience before making your site live, to gauge what questions visitors may have before publishing the answers online.


Finally, it is always beneficial to show the opinions of other businesses or customers that have used your services. Reviews are a simple way of expanding your client base, as many potential customers will look to these to determine the standard of your product. It is all well and good you describing your product to them, but customers are far more likely to look to those who’ve had previous experiences with your site, to ensure your product is right for them. Ensure you have as many reviews as possible, so customers have a wide range of recommendations to read before they make their choice. A good way to get the reviews you need is through an incentive scheme of some sort or an email campaign in which recent customers are reminded to leave a review outlining their experience.

In a society dominated by technology, eCommerce is dominating the market, and there is no reason why your site can’t be successful. Just be sure to remember that increasing sales is your main goal, and you must impress your target audience in order to succeed.

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