5 Signs Mobile Apps Are Running Our Lives

It may be hard for anyone to think of what life was like before they had their mobile devices. Kids cannot imagine what life would be like if they were not in constant touch with their friends with their mobile phone. Parents may look at how they communicate with their kids and wonder how they survived their childhood without these tools. Everyone cannot remember how they entertained themselves for hours without their mobile device to provide games and different content for them to view no matter where they were. The idea of not having control over their life, is something that people no longer have to worry about. Thanks to the mobile devices and the apps that have been created for these devices, all of the things that people may or may not remember are things of the past. Unless the world collapses and there is no internet or electricity, it may not be something that anyone has to worry about happening again.

The number of people with mobile devices is always growing and those that do not use them are in the minority. The majority of people in the United States own smartphones and they will say how important it is that they stay connected. The need to keep the phone charged and nearby is an example of how important they are. The mobile devices have impacted people in a variety of ways, but these are 5 ways that mobile apps are changing the way people do things.


Few years back, a cell phone gave people the ability to talk to anyone, no matter where they were. The device took care of the entire communication dilemma for a person if they needed to call someone. It also allowed others to call a person with a cell phone even when they were not at home. Well, the smartphone in this era has increased the way that everyone communicates even more than what the cell phone used to do. In fact, many smartphone users rarely call people over the phone to communicate with them. Instead, they turn to a myriad of mobile apps that allow them to connect in a variety of ways. Video conferencing apps such as Uberconference allow people to talk face to face even when they are a world apart be it on a personal or professional basis. Instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp allow people to communicate in words. Social media apps allow people to share anything they want to a group of friends or others and even connect businesses to their customers. It has never been easier to stay connected with others thanks to the different communication apps found on mobile devices. Parents can always know where their kids are and what they are doing. Kids can contact their friends at any time of the day or night. There are times when this increase in communication is good, but there are also times when it is a burden. Some people worry that they are losing their privacy because of the connection they have through their mobile devices.


The mobile devices offer many different ways to keep a person entertained whether they are at home or away. Entertainment apps such as YipTV allow users to watch TV online at their convenience without the need of a television and cable service. The users of these streaming apps can control what they watch when they watch it and where they watch it. There is so much entertainment content that can be found that a person will never run out of something to watch. Other entertainment apps include games, books, music and much more. Many kids growing up today are getting used to watching television on their mobile device instead of in the family room with others. For some people, this is a good thing, for others it may not be so good.


People have always been trying to find ways to stay organized. The busier a person’s life is, the harder it can be to stay organized. Apps such as Evernote help keep a person stay organized starting from calendars that can sync with others automatically to create to do lists to setting reminders for a person what he/she have to record any conversation for later references etc. the mobile apps are becoming people’s virtual assistant without the cost of paying a person.


There was a time that people would sit down at a table with their checkbook, a stack of bills and a bottle of aspirin. Mobile apps are changing that rapidly. Mobile banking apps have made it real easy for people to access their money at any time of the day or night and anywhere they need. Bill paying apps allow people to automatically schedule payments so they are not late and so they are made easily. Transferring money can be done with the different apps. In addition to making it easier to spend money, there are also apps that can help track the money a person has. Budgeting apps such as Mint can make sure that a person is always aware of what they can afford and how they can afford it. The ability to access all of this financial information give users more control. The downside of these apps is security. It can be a problem if the wrong person is able to access the private information that can be stored in the apps.


There was a time when people had to wait on many things because they did not have the information they needed. That is not the case anymore. Mobile apps such as Google Maps provide people with directions to where they want to go, apps that let people know about sales or other offers nearby and many other apps give people access to the information they want right away. It can help avoid mistakes or delays that can cause other problems. It can also provide too much information which can cause some to over think their decisions.

Mobile apps are only going to grow in importance in people’s lives. They provide so many benefits, but they are not always perfect. In order for a person to use the apps effectively, they not only need to understand how the apps can help them, but also what the dangers of the apps are. As long as this is happening, the mobile apps are something that should be enjoyed.

Tell us what you think about how mobile apps are affecting your lives. Let us know the good and the ad about this topic. Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions or opinions about this topic.

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