5 Simple Ways to Overcome Your Impostor Syndrome

Emilie Elice-Label is the Founder and CEO of San Francisco based mobile real estate startup Frontdoor. While building her previous project she found herself questioning her own role and input: “What do you think you’re doing? You’re slowing the company down“Everyone is moving forward why can’t you”?

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Talk to someone who can help: She already knew early on that she was facing impostor syndrome and shared every concern. For many folks with impostor syndrome, sharing can be extremely helpful. Emilie shared openly on a dedicated Facebook group. The feedback was overwhelming — it resulted in 20 replies, one support group and a dinner with fellow female founders.

It made a difference, they were supportive and they showed me empathy  ,he said. Turns out other female founders were going or went through this phase themselves.

Recognize your expertise: Remembering what you built over the years can help you realize how far you have come and how much knowledge you have to impart. Emilie built her first real estate company and in 15 months grew the company portfolio to thousands of apartments, on boarded leading real estate investors with $3 Billion worth of residential real estate properties.

Remember what you do well: Make a realistic assessment of your abilities. Write down the things you’re truly good at, and the areas that might need work. That will help you recognize where you are doing well, and where there is room for improvement.

Realize no one is perfect: Emilie was too much focused on perfection. Just do a task as well as you possibly can. It is also important to take time to appreciate the fruits of your hard work. Go on and develop rewards for success — learn to celebrate, this is something really important.

Change your thinking: Reframe how you think about your achievements. For instance here, rather than spending 10 hours on an assignment, you might cut yourself off. Take 15 minutes and forget about your Inbox.

Share your impostor syndrome coping tips below.

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