5 Tips to Improve Your Email Campaigns

Most brands have email marketing programs. Many years back, there was a prediction that email marketing would be replaced by something new. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of marketing nowadays to reach the potential customers. Some email marketing campaigns are so boring that people don’t even bother opening up their email to see what the company has to offer. An estimated 93 billion marketing emails are sent every day and yet only 22 percent of them are opened. There is always room for improvement for any sort of marketing. Here are some tips to help you improve your email marketing campaign:

1: Segment Your Email Lists

Segmentation plays a vital role at your email campaign. You need to make sure that the offers you’re sending are useful for your customer; otherwise the email would just go to waste. You need to segment your email campaign according to the age group or gender. This way you can target the relevant individuals on your list. List segmentation is an effective way to improve your email campaign. For example, if you’re sending discount coupons to students, it is most likely to be opened and used. Use data to increase the relevancy in your emails. The segmentation produces better results than normal.

2: Design Your Emails Keeping The Mobiles in Mind

You have to make sure that your email does not land in the trash folder of the probable customer. Since most people nowadays check their emails on their phones, you have to focus on creating a mobile-optimized email campaign so that it is attractive and engaging even on a smartphone.

70 percent of users check their emails through smartphones and they delete the email if it does not render to their device. There are responsive email design tutorials online, through which you can code your own email or have an email developer.

3: Simple and Compelling Content

Your subject line and the first line of your email is the first thing that interacts with your targeted customer. You have to make that line compelling for the user to get attracted and open the whole message and read it. Simplicity is the key. You have to write your basic campaign in simple language so that the user can associate with it easily.

You can adjust the rest of the information on your landing page; just make sure the customer does not feel bored while reading your email. You have approximately eight seconds to get the attention of your reader. Long texts are also a huge turn off for some people. Make it precise and simple.

4: The First Impression

Most people do not believe in first impressions now. This is not the case with email marketing campaigns. You have one chance to get the attention of your targeted customer by making a good first impression; you can achieve new potential customers. You can use 50 to 140 characters of pre-header text to tempt the readers to open your email. As mentioned earlier, you have to keep your subject line precise and relevant.

35 percent of email users agree that they open the emails based on the subject line of the email. Therefore, the email marketing campaign can only be successful once the recipient opens and actually reads the email.

5: Stick to the Landing Page

Many email marketers make the mistake of spending a lot of time, money and effort to optimize their email campaigns for mobile users that they forget to do the same for their website or landing page. 48 percent of email marketers build new landing pages for each of their marketing campaigns. Some emails drive traffic to a page with CTA but if the probable customer does not know what to do within five seconds, they would probably delete the email and close the link. You have to work on your landing page, even if it is driving traffic from a mobile phone or a PC system. You have to optimize your landing page with a responsive design to entice the user.

Following these points would make your email marketing campaign effective and it would surely provide positive results.

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