5 Tricks to Creating Blog Topics

When you have a blog, sometimes it can be really difficult to come up with blog topics. Content marketing is so important and you want to have blog posts that are interesting and provocative. In present day social media marketing is one of the best ways to get yourself out there and having a blog is one of the easiest ways to do this. So if you have struggled to come up with interesting blog topics, consider trying some of these five tips and tricks to help get you out of that rut and writing some quality content.

Comments Sections

One of the best places to find interesting blog topics is in the comments section of your other blog posts. People are always leaving comments about different things that they would love to see on your blog or suggestions of things to write about. This is great because not only are you getting good ideas for topics, but they are also topics that your audience wants to see more of. Your comment section is there for a reason, so using it to your advantage whenever you can is a great thing and it can make your job a whole lot easier. Creating your content based on what your audience is looking for is also very smart.

Keep an Idea Journal

The next thing you should be doing is keeping a journal of different topic ideas. Social media marketing is all about having fresh content all the time so whenever you get a good idea for a blog topic, write it down. Or as you are going through your comments and other online articles make sure you are writing down things that seem interesting to you or things that you think your readers might enjoy. Having all of this information in one place will make it easier for you to get your thoughts together when you finally sit down to write up a blog post.

Keep Up With Trends

Content marketing also has a lot to do with keeping up with the latest trends. Every few days you should be checking up on what is trending in the soil media world. This will give you and idea of what is popular right now and what isn’t – that is an easy way to come up with blog topics because you will be able to write your own spin or put out your comments about the popular things that are going on at the moment. This ensures that the blog post will be something people are interested and it gives you an easy topic.

Pull From Experience

Something that writers hear all the time is to write about what you know. If you have a really funny experience during the day you can write a blog post about it, or something that you have gone through in the past. Anything that you have done or experienced that you think would benefit your audience is a good thing to write a blog post about. It is a great way to seem relatable while still putting your individual story out there for the world to see. And because your story is unique it is a great way to get noticed.

Use Blogging Tools

The last thing on our list to help you come up with blog topics is to utilize content tools. For example, Hubspots’s Blog Topic Generator is a great tool to use because you just fill in a few nouns that relate to something you want to write about and it will spit out a bunch of relevant blog post titles. It is great because it don’t just give you one topic to write on, but a whole week’s worth of them. This website will definitely make sure that your journal comes unhandy because you will want to write down as many of these as you can because you never know when they are going to come in handy. It is also a fun site to mess around on for awhile and see what interesting topics it can come up with for you.

No matter what your blog is like or what type of audience you have, it is so important to have great blog topics. This is what is going to draw people to your blog and get them hooked reading it. Whether you use all of these tools for coming up with blog posts, or none of them, it is always important to just be thinking about your blog all the time and figuring out ways to make it better. In a time where social media marketing is so important, you can’t afford to just give out mediocre material. Coming up with original content is what is going to get your name out there and keep people interested in you and your blog. So stick to what you know, but don’t be afraid to branch out.

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