5 Ways Running a Startup Is Like Dating

Running a startup is a lot like dating someone, and there are many similarities between the two. So let’s take a look at five dating tips that can also be applied to running a tech firm:

Starting a Relationship Is Like Building a Startup

When any sort of dating relationship is beginning, it involves two people making a commitment to create something wonderful that may continue to grow for decades to come. The same can be said about a startup – it involves making a commitment to create a thing of beauty that might keep expanding for many years and maybe longer.

A relationship often leads to marriage and children, and running a startup often leads to the birth of new products and ideas. Both of these things benefit humanity, and both of these things have the possibility of becoming exponentially larger as time passes.

Using Past Relationships to Get More Friends Is Like Using Past Clients to Expand Your Business Network

After two people decide not to date anymore, they often have many new friends that are friends of their former partner. After a startup no longer does business with a client, it may still have many connections that it has gained from working with that former customer.

Maintaining a Relationship Is Like Maintaining a Marketing Campaign

It is no secret that relationships take work. They must constantly be evaluated so that everyone involved can see what is working and what is not. In addition, there are many individuals that are dating more than one person.

Managing a startup’s marketing campaign also takes a lot of work and evaluation, and many startups will often employ more than one marketing agency. However, there is often and lot of overlap as well as other issues that often develop in situations like these—like turf wars and other such undesirable things. Likewise, dating more than one person is often very tricky and can get quite messy at times.

Introducing Your Partner to Your Family Is Like Getting Investors

When a partner is introduced to the other’s family, a new level of commitment has been made. This level of commitment is very similar to the commitment made by individuals who have invested in a tech company. When a person invests in a startup, they are investing in your dream. Likewise, when your family gets to know your partner, they are also investing in your dream.

Having Common Interests Are Like Two Startups Becoming Partners

When two dating partners have common interests, they are like two startups that may produce different things but still have many things in common; therefore, there is a lot more solid ground to build a stable partnership on. It’s kind of similar to the relationships formed at MillionaireMatch.com where all of the individuals participating are very wealthy. Since the individuals that use this website have this one very important thing in common, they will have many similar interests to build a relationship on.

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