The 6 Easy Steps to Networking at Developer Events

The art of small steps might be the main thing to learn – in life and in business as well. While many people imagine success as a certain act of a single breakthrough, really successful people know that it is usually a result of long and hard work as well as many small steps.

For example, many people from the e-commerce industry attend developers’ events, but only few know what has to be done to not simply attend the event, but to bring significant changes in the business process. Here is a list of how to make more out of these events using the art of small steps:

1: Know Your Goals

One of the main problems for those who attend big events is that sometimes these events are really huge. You simply get lost around so many opportunities: things to do, people to meet and knowledge to gain. The number one rule is to know what you are looking for and to stay focused. Obviously sometimes you can just run into an amazing an unexpected opportunity, but usually the chances to find something are much higher when you know what you are looking for.

2: Say Hi to People

This step seems obvious, but it is trickier than that – many people still underestimate the meaning of networking. And that almost automatically lead to millions of lost opportunities. That’s the reason why it is crucially important to remember that people are the most important part of any event and making new contacts is the real reason why attending events is necessary for every growing business.

3: Write Down Key Takeaways

When you are in the middle of an exciting discussion or listening to a very interesting lecturer or getting an insight while talking during the coffee pause it hard to imagine that you might forget some thoughts that you have. But you will most certainly forget a great amount of information, contacts and even your own ideas. That simply the way our memory works. And the only way to avoid it is to take notes and carefully write down all key takeways as well you thoughts, ideas and insights.

4: Share With Your Team

As soon as you came back from any event you usually find out that you have tons of work. And that’s the point where many people decide that they will share the key takeways with the team later when there will be less work. But guess what – that moment never happens and most of the ideas brought from the developer’s event stays in the notebook. To avoid this mistake it is absolutely necessary to e-mail your thoughts and ideas to the team and schedule a meeting to discuss all of them.

5: Apply What You Learn

There is no point of gaining new information and ideas if you never use them. But this situation when you learn something great and then never implement it into your business processes happens to almost everyone. The key step is to not simply attend the developer’s event, but then make sure that you used the ideas and technologies presented.

6: Keep the Conversations Going

In a developer’s world, things are changing fast and that’s the main reason why the conversation have to go on even when the event is over. That includes your team as well as new contact you made. Try to take time and keep updated on what’s going on, contribute your experience and send feedback if it is appropriate.

Do these six steps at every event and you will be impressed on how well it works out for you.

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I am Sergei Prakapovich, on online marketer and entrepreneur who loves to share idea about latest technology and gadgets.
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