6 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working

Some would assume that having a desk job should not present any real health risks or dangers, but it can if you are not careful. Sitting all day long staring at a computer screen can take affect on your body in various ways. This can lead to increased potential for illnesses and injuries, which results in less productivity when people are at work. To reduce your chances of getting sick or injured in the workplace, it is important to adopt healthy habits such as these listed below.

Get Up and Walk

Sitting all day might feel like the most comfortable thing in the world but it can really do more harm than good to your health. Healthydesks.com provides more information on the effects of sitting all day, which include a decreased level of energy, change in mood, and the potential risk for more severe complications such as a heart attack.

The best thing you can do is get up every hour or so and have a walk around the office. If the weather permits it, step outside and take in some of the sun and get a fresh breath of air.

Make Wiser Eating Choices

In the office there are all sorts of temptations when it comes to food. The break room is packed with fattening food choices like donuts and bagels, the vending machines are filled with sugary drinks like soda and salty snacks, and of course there’s the occasional office party or celebration that comes complete with cake, cookies, and a bunch of other foods.

It will be tough, but it is important that you try to make wiser decisions about your eating habits throughout the course of a working day. Bringing healthier snack options, eating small portions of your guilty pleasures, and even bringing your lunch each day are all great ways to maintain a healthy weight.

Do Stretches

According to Healthline.com, shoulder and neck pain are very common when sitting at a computer desk all day. To combat this pain the best thing to do is to complete some stretches throughout the day. You do not need a bunch of space to stretch, but when done correctly, they can be beneficial in relieving any pain or discomfort you’re feeling from the pressures of sitting all day in one position.

Step Away from the Computer Screen

Eye strain is another common health issue while in the workplace. Staring at the various fonts, lighting patterns, and graphics on the computer screen all day can put a bit of stress and strain on the eyes. To minimize the eye strain, you will want to spend some time away from the computer screen. Take this time to socialize with your coworkers or completing other tasks that don’t require you to be at the computer such as filing, faxing, or copying important information.

Wash Your Hands

The office is an easy place to fall ill in an instant. A lot of office equipment and areas are community property which means that everyone is touching them. Someone suffering from a cold or getting over an illness can cough in their hand and touch the copying machine, and the next person to use the machine could get sick from their germs.

To keep illnesses in the workplace to a minimum it is important to wash your hands after using the restroom. Also, keeping hand sanitizer at your desk can be a great alternative when you are not near the restroom.

Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential beverage that should be consumed on the regular basis. It helps to remove toxins from the body, curbs the appetite, and boosts the immune system. In most cases the office has a water cooler from which you can get free filtered water from, or at the very least a vending machine with an option for water. Try drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses per day for optimal health.

When you are comfortable and healthy within your working environment, you will find that you are able to be more productive on a daily basis. While sitting in an office all day presents several challenges and temptations that you may not have been consciously aware of, there are ways around them. The above six tips should certainly help to improve your health, mood, and overall well-being as you carry out your responsibilities during the course of a work day.

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