7 Tips App Developers Can Use to Retain an Audience

Today, readers move from one blog to another as we change channels on television (for those who still watch it) or scroll photos on smartphone screen tirelessly. Is it necessary to be everywhere at the same time, or is there a solution to remedy this breakdown of communication? App creators face this issue of user retention.

 Obviously, it’s not enough to create an app. It must also be used wisely. Here are seven tips to take full advantage of your app and give your best chance to your content.

1. Stay Up-to-Date

Once you have convinced your audience to upload your app, your efforts should not stop there: you also have to convince them to keep it, with new content, new features, a design in the air. Never have consumers had so much appetite for novelty. So to stay in their pocket, it is up to you to stay cutting edge. You know how easy it is to update your app. Most of the changes you apply from your back office immediately affect your users. Take advantage of this to prevent your app from being too static.

2. Analyze Your Data

If you are a creator of content you are surely sensitized to the importance of statistics to measure your success with your audience. If you are curious to discover the impact of your content on mobile, GoodBarber offers you rich and detailed statistics, so why not use them? You can also connect your favorite tools, such as Google Analytics or Flurry.

One tip: Try to figure out what does not work with your users before all else. This is probably one of the most difficult analyzes to carry out, but it is also the most effective. For, what you do already correctly does not need to change. However, you will gain a lot to fill your gaps and eliminate them.

3. Stay Tuned

 An even simpler way to know the desires and wishes of your users: ask them! Encourage them to share their ideas. Create a form to ask for their opinions, ask for their opinions, suggestions. This also gives you the opportunity to communicate with them. You’ll both better know your users and strengthen the link with them.

4. Target Your Users

The push notifications are one of the tools that are the strength of a mobile application compared to a desktop site. This is why they are included with all our subscriptions, so we are convinced of their importance. You can, of course, use them to encourage your readers to open your app more often, for example by scheduling notifications with each new publication of content. You can also make manual shipments or target your notifications in a smart way, depending on the location, the use of the app, etc.

5. Bet on the User Experience

Put the user experience at the heart of your concerns, especially on mobile. The big players in the market place the bar high regarding fluidity, ease of use and graphic harmony. The result is that if it’s too complicated to navigate your application if there’s too much clutter: Your users can quickly turn away from it, even if your content offers real added value. One can not go without the other.

Fortunately, our different templates and browsing modes are designed to meet the needs of today’s users. All you have to do is organize your content!

6. Use Social Networks

The major advantage of social networks is the ability to communicate in a more instantaneous and above all more personal way, two dimensions that are also found in an application. If you are looking to build a close relationship with your audience, an application is a good way to share your content on social networks. In addition to being able to offer a link to these different channels (Facebook integration, Twitter, click-to-link), an application fuels your fame. If you add to this the possibility of making your app more social, with features like chat, your application could well become the space favored by your community.

7. Let Users “Play” With Your App

To capture the attention of your audience and retain your readers, use your application and its unique features to offer rewards and get more recurring visits. Tools that you can also sell to partners and advertisers, such as being able to distribute promotions, not to mention advertising of course. With a golden rule always: value added, including when it comes to advertising.

Users are more and more uncompromising, so banish the intrusive formats right away and prefer, for example, native advertising, whose potential should only grow, if only to counter ad blocking.

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