7 Minutes Pro: Cut Fat and Build Muscles with Your Personal Fitness Trainer

The other day my best friend came up with the idea of going to the gym to burn some calories. “You know, it’s winter, and what do you do during the long winter evening? You eat and get fat, so we need some exercise,” he said. I agreed with the latter but kind of rp.efrained from going to the gym, because I have a hectic schedule and don’t always know when my day will end. Add two kids to the mix, and you know what I mean. So I searched for an option to get some exercise but on my own terms. That’s how I ended up with 7 Minutes Pro.


Developed by Passion4Profession, 7 Minutes Pro aims to become your personal professional trainer for a bit more than 7 minutes (the excess is due to the 10-second rests included in the workout session). What you get is a high-intensity workout that combines 12 aerobic and resistance exercises that reduce fat and improve your health.


The catch is that you put your muscles to work for only 7 minutes, but the very short recovery time (10 seconds) between exercises makes those seven minutes intensive and highly effective.

The 12 exercises: You start with jumping jacks, and continue with wall sits, push-ups, abdominal crunches, step-ups, squats, tricep bench dips, planks, high-knee running in place, forward lunges, and push-ups with torso rotation, and end with side planks. Each exercise lasts 30 seconds followed by a 10-second rest, which you can skip at will.


What I liked in 7 Minutes Pro is that at the end of the exercise you feel refreshed and full of energy; secondly, that I can do it when I have 7 minutes free time; and third, that I don’t need any extra equipment.

The app allows you to write Health data and will send you notifications if you schedule one, reminding you that your personal 7 minutes trainer (you can select from various figures) is waiting for you to stretch those muscles.

Besides the workout, the app tracks your activity, and offers food tips and a weight-loss plan, so do you have 7 minutes to do a workout like a pro with your own personal trainer?

Download 7 Minutes Pro (which costs $2.99 and offers Apple Watch app) from the App Store!

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