7 Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign

Everyone loves their handheld gadgets. Right now, nearly 75% of the global population is addicted to using the Internet on a daily basis. And you need to maintain your online business profile in the face of this onslaught. Given the passage of time and evolution of technology, your website needs an overhaul. Whether you run a small business or own a renowned brand, it’s the need of the hour. But how will you know that your website needs help? By checking for these seven symptoms that your site needs a redesign:

Outdated Web Design

The design of a web portal is what catches a visitor. Today’s era revolves around flat design. If you are still running an old-fashioned template for your brand, you’re only hurting yourself. Transform your site to a flat design: It will not only provide a better persona to your business profile, but will also help in generating genuine leads.

Monthly Leads Decline

As a business-oriented website, you’ll need to keep up your monthly leads. If you are not getting the ROI (Return on Investment) you expect from your website, it’s a sign that your site needs a redesign to help you compete with rivals in your respective field.


During earlier days on the internet, flash was highly demanded and was even used while developing a business website. Back then, it was a better utilization of code and a better design. Now, technology has moved on. Flash will affect your website reputation, as Google will find it difficult to crawl the site’s pages.

Not Mobile Friendly

With the evolution of ‘Mobilegedon’ Google update, mobile friendly websites are essentially for those hoping to grow user-engagement and leads. While searching on a mobile device, users must be able to read your site on their device. If you have still not made your business site responsive, your site needs a redesign.

Declining Traffic

A website’s reputation can be calculated by the amount of visitors on a weekly or monthly basis. Google Analytics is the best tool to search traffic over any website: You can check the monthly, weekly, or yearly traffic and analyze the change during that period. If you spot a steep declination day by day, you’ll need to explore why.

Not Ranking for the Right Keyword

The best results can be obtained via organic traffic—the traffic which comes from ranking relevant pages for relevant keywords. But with the passage of time, no one visits the page and it’s left untouched. After checking on Google or other search engines, you may observe that your pages are not ranking for relevant keywords. If so, you’ll need to redesign your website and its keywords to land a better conversion rate.

Absence of a Blog

Content drives attention to a business. If your website is not supplied with a blog, you’re missing an opportunity to easily update your users with what’s latest in the industry or in your business. Add a blog section to your site, and update it on a regular basis.

Does Your Site Pass?

Check which of the signs are present in your website and consult the appropriate remedy. If needed, hire an expert team to meet your requirements and create an alluring makeover for your business profile.

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Ravinder Tanwar is a Digital Marketing Specialist at AdroitBridge. The ardour to learn something new, each and very day is what makes him agile in the field of Digital Marketing. His mastery is supplemented with the knowledge of Content Writing, which enhances the power of overall strategy. Apart from this, he has a good command on Photoshop and other web designing tools, adding Web-Designing skill to his skill set.
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