Align: The Dating App that Uses Astrology to Find Your Perfect Match

Most dating apps are based on photos, pictures, the “hot or not” approach, or other superficial methods to find the perfect match. While this has worked for some people, Helen Grossman and Aliza Kelly Faragher – both Leos – have created a dating app that uses astrology to align you with the man or woman of your dreams.

“For us, astrology has been an extremely effective (not to mention fun) way of becoming more understanding of personality differences that before felt insurmountable” says Grossman, one of the co-founders of Align.

Besides finding common interests and understanding your partner, using astrology also lets users get past physical appearance.

“Align uses astrology as a lens through which users can get to know one another. It’s an easy, effective way to break through the superficial “hot or not” formula of other dating apps while getting a sense of the person behind the selfie,” says Faragher.

Align Features

Align is an easy-to-use app, which offers users a new take on dating. Here are a few features first time users should know:

  • It’s Focused Around Your Sign: “Align recognizes your sign and aggregates a list of adjectives and emojis. Select 6 traits that you relate to most and these will appear on your Align profile,” says a press release.
  • Uses a custom algorithm: “Align’s custom algorithm vets matches and each day will present a beautifully designed cosmic constellation of 5 unique matches,” reads the release.
  • It reveals compatibility in three ways: (1) Through the size of the match’s profile image in the constellation (2) Through an easy-to-read love meter and (3) Through an in-depth compatibility report, specific to your two signs.
  • Allows You to Chat: “Users choose to Align with matches they’re into and if both people Align, they’re notified and can message through a private in-app chat,” reads an excerpt from the release.

While there are a number of features on the app, Grossman says the “traits” feature is one of the most important because it serves as a bio for users.

“Everyone on Align must select six traits — adjectives or carefully selected emojis — that are specifically attributes of their astrological sign. It becomes a process of associating certain qualities with your sign and, as you view other profiles, a way of becoming familiar with the qualities of other signs,” says Grossman.

More about the Align Team and Plans for the Future

In addition to Grossman, Aliza Kelly Faragher serves as the other co-founders of Align. Faragher was one of the first employees at TOMS Capital, and Grossman was a branding and communications associate at Hub LA.

 The founders also plan to expand outside of their home base of Los Angeles and add additional features for users in the future.

“We plan on introducing natal charts and more comprehensive astrological compatibility assessments, and horoscopes. Further down the road, we see Align operating as the go-to spot for astrological insight on other relationships in your life, romantic or otherwise,” says Faragher.

Despite the number of dating apps on the market, Grossman says the younger generation is already on board because of their interest in astrology.

“We’re just doing the job of providing them with a platform that embodies the new voice of astrology in a technical format that excites them,” says Grossman.


Image Credit: Flickr/Dmitry Boyarin

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