Top 7 Apps for Stock Trading Junkies

As the time goes by, the entire business landscape is making a slow but steady shift into the cyber realm. Some of the industries, like printing industry for example, are doing that unwillingly, just to keep themselves floating, while others fit so well in this new surrounding that it seems like they were meant to exist in virtual environment. Trading stocks most definitely belongs to the latter group. So, whether you are an experienced trader, or you are just making the first steps on the market, here are few apps that will make your life much easier and allow you to trade and keep yourself informed on the go.

TradeKing (Android, iOS)

As the name suggests, TradeKing is truly one of the best apps for the traders of all sorts on the market. Very streamlined and easy to use, this app offers a chance to track your portfolio, make your own watch lists, and easily check your account activity from your smartphone. But, this app would have no chance to live up to its name if you would not have an option to actually trade stocks. Rest assured, this functionality is present too, and it has been pulled off quite gracefully. Add into the mix stock alerts and notifications, and you will get one very complete package.

Barron’s (Android, iOS)

Barron’s is one of the most prestigious financial magazines, and this app is the best way to read it on your smart device. Although the very app is free, subscription for the magazine is not, so you will have to spend some money. Do not worry, it is money well spent. Barron’s content includes daily columns, coverage of global markets, and various interesting blogs, which makes it an essential read for any self-respectful stock trader.

24Option (Android, iOS)

Binary options are definitely on the rise, and 24Option is a perfect way to tap into this lucrative market and see what the buzz is all about. This app will provide you with very short and addictive time intervals (going as low as 30 seconds), easy to master trade management, free trading alert signals, and numerous other things that will help you to get on your feet and start making big returns very quickly.

The Wall Street Journal (Android, iOS, Windows 10)

Another essential read and much like Barron’s, this app will require the paid subscription in order to access the content. Again, provided content more than justifies the fee you need to pay, and includes breaking news, global headlines, notifications, interactive graphics, and numerous other things that will keep satisfied even the most curious traders  out there.


E*TRADE is very streamlined, yet very functional platform for trading stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options. And not only that – You will also get the feature called Quick Access, which will, essentially, allow you to effortlessly move the money between your investment and bank accounts, various bonuses (e.g. free phone, and 60 days of free trades), access to market and company-specific news, powerful ETF, and stock options, and bunch of other useful functions. In other words, a must have.

Mint (Android, iOS)

Although it is not primarily concerned with stocks, Mint is a great personal finance and money manager, which will help you to stay on track with everything that is happening on your accounts. Not only that, Mint will securely connect all of those accounts, automatically organize expenses, create a budget, create the charts so you have a better insight where you are spending the most, and send you email reminders which notify you of the upcoming bills. To make things even better, it comes for free.

TD Ameritrade Trader (Android, iOS)

Last but not the least, TD Ameritrade Trader, is another great stock trading platform you should have in your collection. Having the usual set of options you would come to expect from such app, TD Ameritrade Trader adds few neat features like the ability to scan multi-touch charts with hundreds of chart studies (some of which are user created), interactive market calendar, and real-time quotes which help it to stand out of, and in some cases even rise above its competition.

Those were seven apps every stock trading junky should have in its arsenal. Trading makes a very happy marriage with digital environment, and especially the smart ecosystems. Not using this advantage will only put you in disadvantageous situation so be sure to check them. You have nothing to lose, and only everything to gain.

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