Beast Represents the Evolution of Startup Consulting

The startup landscape is constantly shifting. From new trends in the funding world to innovative technologies being invented every day, it’s hard to get a handle on what makes a successful startup and what doesn’t. And while consulting firms are supposed to help you figure out exactly what you need to succeed, they’ve fallen even further behind the trends than anyone else. Fortunately, Beast knows that evolution in business is not an option, it’s a necessity.

As a consulting firm that understands change is the only constant in business, Beast is able to assist startups in the early-stage and growth stage of development to make an impact on their industries without having to jump through any hoops. Their mission is to mitigate risk in operating or investing in the early stage for startups worldwide, investors and enterprise across the globe. And they’re pretty serious about it.

“It is increasingly evident that traditional managerial consulting firms are out of touch with the needs of a company operating in today’s rapidly evolving venture economy,” said Timmy Wahba, cofounder and CEO of Beast, in an interview with Tech.Co. “This is where we step in. If Samsung wants McKinsey,  WaverlyLabs wants Beast. Technology is Darwinian, just as is consulting – and we represent the evolution of strategy and business consulting.”

Beast believes that focusing on early and growth stage startups is the way to go when it comes to consulting. Not only are they moldable enough to actually change the way business gets done, they also yield the most noticeable results. Plus, if you get them when they’re young, you get to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

“The benefit in working with early stage companies is that you actually get to see the tangible results of hard work and collaboration – rarely is this seen in traditional consulting,” said Wahba in the same interview. “It’s a pretty great feeling to help unleash a team of geniuses to build something that can change society for the better.”

Beast understands that success in business takes more than just luck. It takes commitment to the product, knowledge of the market, and a drive to network and collaborate like never before. They want to turn wantrepreneurs into entrepreneurs. And they view their mission is a privilege rather than a burden.

“We have the opportunity to help build companies from the ground up,” said Wahba. “From market entry, funding and growth strategy, we grow their infrastructure for success with a dash of our own secret sauce.”

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