5 Benefits That Prove the Importance of Having a Work Best Friend

Even if you love your job, the minutiae of your everyday tasks can get pretty boring over time. Whether it’s filling in data sheets or making sales calls, work life can be harder when you don’t have someone to share it with. Fortunately, in most office settings, there are a number of employees that share your angst when it comes to the startup grind. And if you want to make sure work is easy everyday, you need to get yourself a work best friend.

According to a study conducted by professors from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota, having a friend at work makes you more productive. The facts are undeniable that friendships in the workplace have a positive effect on the company culture and the work that gets done. Here are five benefits that come from having a work best friend:

Better Communication

According to the study, friends at work were notably more inclined to communicate with their coworkers. Because of their shared experience and extensive past, pointing out mistakes and sharing successes was not impeded by awkward social cues and concern about hurting someone’s feelings.

Higher Stakes

When friends work together, it’s about more than just the work project. Friends collaborating creates a feeling of necessity to complete the work, not just for the company, but for the sake of their friendship. Because the only thing worse than making your boss angry is letting down a friend.

Less Turnover

Work best friends don’t only have a positive effect on employees; they also benefit the company as a whole. Employees are significantly less inclined to quit a job at which they have a friend. This means less turnover for employers, and more productivity in the long run.

Better Company Culture

Establishing a productive company culture can be difficult. Sure, happy hours and team building activities are great, but if you don’t have anyone actually engaging, they’ll just end up as wasted time. But when friends work together, they relish any opportunity they get to socialize outside of work, spurring a community aspect to your company that would otherwise go unattainable.

Overall Enjoyment

In the simplest of terms, having a friend at work is fun. It makes coming to the office enjoyable and keeps work projects from feeling like a chore. Whether it’s an early morning meeting or a late-afternoon presentation, having someone to gossip with, to joke around with, or to just chat with will always make employees happy to come into work.

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