3 Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Office

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How do you listen to music at your workplace? How do you talk at conference calls, or play soothing sounds for waiting customers? If a Bluetooth speaker doesn’t figure into any of these activities, it’s time to think about getting one for the office. Bluetooth speakers are portable, connect wirelessly to your phone or computer, have high-quality sound that can fill a room, and include many types of extra features. If we’ve got you wondering what the best Bluetooth speakers are, read on to learn about our picks.

Fugoo Sport – $200

Fugoo Sport

There are three big reasons that we love the Fugoo Sport so much. First, let’s talk about battery life, which is particularly important when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. Normal battery life these days is around 10 to 15 hours, even for the best speakers. Fugoo has managed to create a speaker that has around 40 hours of battery life on a single charge, so you’ll have to worry a lot less about recharging and you can easily take it home after you are done at work – and still have it keep on playing.

Second, we love the sound this speaker produces: It’s a little guy, but it easily produces enough 360-degree sound to fill an entire room, even on lower volume. We didn’t expect that, and it was a great surprise. Finally, we also appreciate that the Sport is waterproof and can resist a number of physical issues, like being dropped or encountering dust.

This may seem like an odd suggestion for an office speaker – what good are waterproofing and sport features there? Well, on one hand these features make it easy to take the speaker everywhere, including outside work events, booths or stalls, and other places where you may need a speaker for fun or marketing reasons. On the other hand, even if you keep your speaker in the office all day, accidents still happen – sometimes very often. The ruggedized features will help your Fugoo to survive. Also, there are other skins beside Sport if you just don’t like the look, including some more professional ones.

Bose SoundLink III – $300

Bose Soundlink III

It’s probably not a surprise that Bose makes it on this list, since the company has a reputation for producing big sound in small devices. While we went a little outside the box for our Fugoo pick, this is a traditional office Bluetooth speaker through and through, from the simple (and yes, somewhat boring) design to the extra aux and USB ports for more data options. The speaker also comes with a silicone panel to protect the buttons in more dusty environments. The battery lasts around 14 hours before needing another charge.

Now, that battery life is only good for a full work day, but you can always plug it in over night to recharge – or keep it plugged in all day. With the far-reaching sound of this little model, you’ll be able to hear it easily even if you can’t see it.

The one downside here is the cost. You have to pay a lot more than what the average speaker costs, and you don’t get many standout features for it. This is a case where you are paying for quality and the brand name: Bose knows that it makes high-quality speakers, and its price reflects that.

Nyne Bass Bluetooth Speaker – $130

Nyne Bass Bluetooth Speaker

If you want your office speaker to have a little more flair and utility, this Nyne model may be just what you are looking for. The swoop design will look appropriate in even the most modern of offices, and there’s a hidden carrying handle for moving it around if necessary. There’s also NFC, which a growing number of Bluetooth speakers now offer – it allows you to link up a compatible phone with just a tap (or similar process), making connections swift and effortless.

The model also includes a mic so that you can answer phone calls and use it in conference meetings. Another interesting feature is the included powerbank, which stores an extra charge that you can use for charging dying mobile devices in a pinch. Oh, and in case the name didn’t give it away, the bass sound is enhanced on this model, which makes it great for large spaces or outdoor sound, if necessary.

Here, the negative worth noting is the battery life: It lasts for 10 hours of playtime before you’ll need to charge it, and that’s not much – but it’s hopefully enough to get you through the workday.

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