5 Best Practices for Conserving iPhone Battery Life

The iPhone 6 and iOS 8 came with a lot of battery draining issues. Battery life is the amount of time a device runs before it needs to be recharged, and even though iPhones are considered to have the most amazing technology in the world, it is useless when it runs out of charge. Fortunately, there are some practices that can help keep the iPhone battery a little bit longer during a power cut or when you are away for the weekend without the charging cable. Here are 5 best practices that will help conserve the battery life of your iPhone. Apple also suggested some ways to maximize battery life and lifespan .

Adjust the Brightness of the Screen

The screen of the iPhone is the  primary source of battery  drains but luckily, you can conserve the battery life by adjusting the screen brightness by dragging the slider in the control center as far left as possible.

You should also check the settings app, access display, and brightness and ensure that the auto-brightness is turned off. This prevents the phone from turning up the brightness when it considers it necessary.

Disable Wi-Fi

If you can live without Wi-Fi, disable it by going to the control center and tapping the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off. This stops the phone from hunting around for the available Wi-Fi networks. Some of the situations where disabling Wi-Fi can help to conserve the battery life are:

  • When Wi-Fi signal is poor. This is because the iPhone will require more power to receive and transmit data.
  • If you are in a place with no Wi-Fi hotspots to join, then there is no point in the iPhone hunting for one.

However, if Wi-Fi network is available, you should use it instead of 3G as there is no financial cost associated with using Wi-Fi network. Another reason is that the iPhone consumes less power when accessing data over Wi-Fi network than when it does the same task over cellular network.

Disable Bluetooth and turn off AirDrop

Bluetooth is another major battery drainer. If you are not using headphones, speakers or any other accessories, then switch it off. Most times, Bluetooth is left on after installation of an iOS, so you may not know that it is on. To disable it, tap general-Bluetooth and set it off.

Airdrop requires Bluetooth and it is also a battery drainer when switched on as it seeks the nearby iPhones to hook up with and allows you to send photos and files to the nearby iPhones. To turn it off, go to control center and swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen.


Unfortunately you cannot switch off all the notifications globally but if you are running out of power, editing the notifications settings will help conserve the battery life. When each notification is received, the iPhone’s screen lights up and produces a play sound that consumes energy. Each notification wakes the phone for 5-10 seconds, therefore, if you get too many notifications daily, a lot of your battery charge is consumed.

To stop notification, go to settings-notification Centre-Include section and you will see all the built in and third party apps installed on the device. Tap on each app and select None option to stop it from sending notifications to you.

Apps Updating

Most apps in iPhone updates automatically. This feature is useful as it means that the apps are always up to date it drains the battery. Fortunately, you can prevent the apps from auto-updating by turning off automatic updates in settings-iTunes and App store then scroll to automatic downloads and turn off the updates.

Users that are on iOS 9 can enable Low Power Mode , but it also decreases system  performance.

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