3 Fun Ways to Boost Charitable Giving at Work

It has long been accepted that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to charitable causes in their local community. It’s a matter of business decency, but also a great way to expand your business to a wider audience through positive social messaging.

If you are looking to engage your employees with the local community, fundraising is an easy way to do it, as team bonding through charitable is a simple way to build your company culture. Getting employees behind these types of activities is such a major part of creating a lasting relationships within the charity sector and boost employee satisfaction. Here are some ways to boost charitable giving and positive vibes at your company:

Charity Walk

A great idea for you colleagues could be a charity trek – a walking challenge. Setting a tough enough distance challenge gets everybody motivated to go, and it can help camaraderie around the event. For those who prefer something lighter, check out some of the best walking trails in North America to find some walking paths near you.


Something else that is really fun, and a personal favorite of mine, is baking and cooking to raise some serious cash. The idea of a ‘bake off’ whereby each employee bakes some sort of cake or pie, and in turn their colleagues will pay for a piece/slice of the delicious goodness. A bake sale is a really fun way to make some money for charity in a fairly easy setting. People will benefit from their efforts, all while satisfying a sweet tooth.

baking, food, woman, charityCook Up

Have you ever thought of making lunch for a local community group? Businesses often operate within less well-to-do areas of the world because of their cheaper rent, but these places are being left behind at the end of the day. Starting a lunch club a few times a year, where your staff cook up and serve a lunch to a local community group is an excellent way to give back to the local area in a way many people can get on board with – by eating!

Food, people, buffet

There’s no downside to helping out your community and letting your team come up with their own plan of action. The importance of businesses helping the charity sector is massive. Grab your team and find a way to get involved and give back to your community.

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