6 Amazing Tips to Build Brand Awareness through Mobile Apps

One of the simplest ways to increase brand awareness over a longer period of time is to build an app. While this might seem naive at first, as building an app can be expensive, consider this. Your app will be with you for years and if done right, can help you garner visitors and attract audience easily. On the other hand, advertisements over the same period of time can mean a huge cost.

Building Up Your Brand Image

With the Starbucks app being downloaded 10 million times, its popularity is ever-increasing and helps customers find nearby locations easily. Mobile apps have now become a mode to make brands essential for an user and are considered to be tools for delivering ongoing value. It helps communicate vital information about the brand and this is why apps should be used to educate consumers about your company and what you have to offer.

Use these methods to build an app that will help support your brand and not oversell it:

1. Representing values – The way the app is branded reflects directly on the company’s character. Have an unique voice in the app’s messaging and represent your values extensively as this will help increase confidence and authenticity amongst customers.

2. Never sacrifice on the user experience – Do not interfere with user experience and at the same time try to pass on as much information as you can. Place small logos throughout the app instead of big ones and drive home the message without pushing it too much.

3. Identify the company’s expectations – You need to first decide what the company wishes to achieve with the app. For example an app should offer good navigation experience if it aims to gain the customer’s trust and educate them with valuable content.

4. Take into consideration the consumer – The app should be such that the users can access interesting information from it. To stay on the user’s radar for long, offer valuable and engaging app content only. Build app around your audience’s motivation and try to visualize it through the consumer’s eyes.

5. Analyze the competition – Before you set off to design your own app, check out the competitor’s apps thoroughly. Be unique in design with a good brand voice and interface which helps set you apart from each of your competitors.

6. Your story matters – if you wish to connect with your user then storytelling is the best way to do it as it makes users return to your brand repeatedly. Try to connect with your users emotionally to stay ahead of your competitors.

It’s important to build an app that connects. Ensure that you stick to the basics and have the right questions to ask – and you’re sure to make a big headway.

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Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory Technologies - is a leading mobile app development company which provide best iPhone app development and Android app development Services.
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