Build a Great Web App With These 4 Tips

A web app can be a bit of a challenging project when it comes to building a site, as developers have an obligation to predict the behavior of users and also make the experience as appealing and intuitive as possible. Flawed professionals have a habit of sticking to what is easier which, most of the time, is bad for the end user.

If you are not an expert, going for a powerful website application builder is a good option. If you’re a DIYer, here are four tips that will surely be helpful when the time to build a web app arrives.

Tooltips Are a Good Option

Tooltips can help developers in a positive way, because they offer the user the opportunity to learn about a system, exploring items without harming the experience of navigation. The use of tooltips is ideal for people who are learning the functionality of the buttons in a particular interface.

Never Rely on User Memory

Web apps should not force users to remember their details — instead, they should allow users to simply perform the actions they need, and should present the most relevant information so that the experience is optimized and user activities are fulfilled quickly.

Always Keep the User in Control

Popups are a reliable way of getting the user’s attention, but they can also be seen as too intrusive and annoying. To generate the impression that the user is always in control, make sure that popups can always disposed of, by placing a cancel button or an icon with an “X” in the upper right corner of the popup — a simple detail that is forgotten most of the times.

Always Keep the User Informed

Messages like “please wait” or “loading” seem irrelevant, but they can go a long way with users. With this kind of messages, users using the app know that it is busy doing something, instead of being crashed or running “in the background” without the user being aware of what is going on.

There are many useful tips when it comes to this subject, but these four are surely useful and will help you develop better web apps.

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